Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blue Springs State Park, Florida

Florida is the home of many giant springs. I imagine Silver springs is the most well known. We are At Blue Springs, the difference here is this water actually comes out of the ground a pretty blue color, not a reflection of the sky.

However the water does not taste good like many springs, too much acid.Blue springs 015Blue springs 016Blue springs 017

The three shots above are the actual head waters. She flows at over a million gallons a day. It always amazes me to stand here and realize that is an immediate river.

Blue springs 018Blue springs 019Blue springs 020

The above three pictures are about fifty yards below the head waters. Where the swimmer is you can see the bottom and see how clear the water is.

Blue springs 021

Blue springs 022

I love the eerie feeling here sometime, so eerie it is pretty.

Blue springs 023

This is the Thursby house built in the 1800 by the former owner of the springs.

Blue springs 024

This is the nice board walk (1/5th mile of it) that runs along the Blue Springs Stream. A great walk.

We did not see a Manatee yet. This is the month they migrate to the warm waters (72degrees for water is NOT warm! but they think it is) of the spring.

We did see giant Tarpons and many large Florida Gar fish.

This is a great park, nice to live here for a few days.

Thanks for coming with us.

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Yes, there are Alligators here, and yes the guy was swimming here, it says ‘Swim at your own risk.


The manatee the gentle giant is so ugly they are pretty. They don’t worry about the Alligators either.

And I ask, WHERE DOES ALL THIS WATER COME FROM ANYWAY? The sign says from 50 miles away, I will let you know if I find out more.


Lucy said...

Great pictures. You can keep the alligators . The water is so clear. Aren't the manatee great to look at. I don't know how any creature can be so ugly but so fascinating to watch. Good pictures of the 2 humans also. Looks strange to see you without long sleeves or a jacket.

Helen said...

Beautiful pictures. Great pictures of you and Sherry. Gonna turn colder here tonight. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They are beautiful pictures and I love hearing about and seeing where you are. I'm sure I wouldn't be swimming in those waters. That board walk does look like a wonderful place to go for a walk. It is colder here today. It looks like maybe 47 degrees is the high and it'll be in the 30's tonight.


What a fascinating place. Hauntingly beautiful. So peaceful and serene. Your photos are GORGEOUS. I can't believe that Manatees were what sparked the folklore of mermaids. Not fond of alligators. Though I admit to trying the meat once or twice. Take care.

Paula said...

Pretty pictures and something like Lucy said pretty humans.

betty said...

It is beautiful! I don't think I would go swimming th ough if they had a sign "swim at your own risk" and you saw an alligator! I think it is a great place to spend a few days! Loved the pictures of Sherry and you!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful..find me a place I am on my way down.
LOL. Great pictures of you and Sherry. Waters
look peaceful the board walk I'm sure is an
enjoyable walk. Find your Fl. house you sold
and help me get rid of all my collections and
flea market things and I will move and we can
all go to Fl. Maybe I better get a little closer to the Ga. Fl. line not to far away from NC.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics Jack!!! Thanks for sharing.... By the way, cigarettes are $6.50 these days, ha! Cant wait to show Johnny your latest blog.;) Tell Sher hi for us, (Candy)