Saturday, November 26, 2011

Business is Business, to stay in business use common sense.

My Brother who had a thriving business that started with lawn decorations, you know, the bird baths, chickens, ducks, little bears and concrete planters; Heavy, hard work. That was my brother, we called him Jun. From the time he returned from WWII, he was going to be in business for himself, some how.

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My brother Junior and his wife Mozelle

 While starting that business he saw an opportunity to go into the printing business. Cousin Kenneth, in Georgia, had bought the Gutenberg Press (well it looked that old) and had it up for sale. Jun bought it. His plans were to print business cards, wedding announcements, etc. He done that for awhile, but it didn’t suit his fancy.

Thru a lot of different paths, while still working full time in a cotton mill, he ended up with a shop on the busiest highways in Shelby. He expanded into pottery, then to china. In a few years he and his wife quit the mills and went full time into the business. They were open 6 days a week, taking Wednesdays off. That day he traveled to pick up supplies. So they worked 7 days a week. I think he took one week off  on the 4th.

Lots of times, Shirl would travel to Shelby from Charlotte to work with Jun, just to be with him while her Husband Jim traveled on his job. Jun loved his work, he branched out into flowers, mostly plastic then silk. He loved to work with live plants. Cross breeding and grafting, it was a hobby, and when business was slow, that was his pastime.

Before he died he shared with me his philosophy, “Jackie, if you like to do something start a business, be ready to starve for ten years, but if the idea is worth anything, you will succeed. But the trick is, stick with it.”

Jun was a wealthy man when he died, but he worked for every penny he had. Schedule was 8-7 every day except Wed. then 6am to 6pm. He sold his business; I built him a beautiful home, working by the hour.

I started all this because I received a ‘return to sender’ from the postal service. I sent out some press releases and I had an old address for the Observer at home. I received the letter back giving me the correct address. The new address is less than a mile from the PO, yet they sent the letter back over 400 miles along with the new address. That is when I thought of Jun. Be efficient!

Yeah I know there are millions of letters, I just wanted to pick on the post Office for not delivering my letter and costing me 44 cents more. LOL

 I have always had very good service from the USPS. I definitely cannot complain. They have to work to get us our mail. Hahahaha

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I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.


Today’s car:

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Remember the Lark by Studebaker?


Anonymous said...

Back home I used to write application letters, not having a computer / printer, by hand with a fountain pen, must have been about 20+, including a CV each. Yes, was fun.
Taking pictures has become a joy too lately, sending many letters, nowadays probably mails, and so far only one replied; nevertheless, singned a 3-year contract.
Patience and a wonderful Sunday for you all.

betty said...

I like Jun's advice! He did seem like he had a successful business and did like what he was doing! Had to laugh about that letter from the post office, but of course they have to follow their policies and procedures, but too funny!

You two take care of yourself!


Ken Riches said...

I have had my own business before, and there is nothing like it!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your brother was a hard worker for sure, but it seems like he must have enjoyed doing what he did and if you like what you do it isn't really work. The post office gets it right most of the time so I'm always thankful for the great service they provide. When I see the mail man trudging through rain sleet and snow storms I figure they do work hard. I'm late checking in today as we had our family feast today and did I ever eat too much. Always lots of good food and lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Our Brother Jun was a unique person. He knew
what he wanted and stuck with it. I enjoyed
going up and spending time with him. Spending
time with an older Brother was so much fun.



Being in your own business is the icing on the cake. Jun sounds like quite a guy. His sage advice is applicable today. The post office is over- rated. When they get it wrong, it ends up being a big inconvenience. I LOVE the Lark. Nice looking car. Take care.

Fred Alton said...

Those kind of men with strong convictions about being efficient and sticking with the job is what made this country what it is - in my humble opinion! (For what that's worth)

Paula said...

I wonder how I missed this entry yesterday? Anyway it was interesting about your brother and his hard work and success.

Amelia said...

Self discipline and determination gets people a long way in life. Congrats to him.. and hey, 44 cents is too much for a stamp lol I don't blame you for complaining.

Rose said...

Thanks for sharing Jun's advice with us. What a lovely story about your brother. He certainly was a determined and hard working man.

God Bless!

Hugs, Rose