Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Behinder I get!

In 1956 I was a radio operator in the USMC. We were amazed by a new development called Facsimile. We could strap an 8x11 map or message on a little drum. It rotated and a small beam of light moved across it sending the white and black areas it sensed. It took 15 minutes to transmit one page, man was it great!


(This is similar but ours was larger and over radio waves)

I joined the USAF, as a radio operator. They decided to send me to school on a revolutionary new computer concept, the Analog computer. the school was 9 months long. Before the school was finished, we are told there is a great NEW theory out. We are switching to the Digital computer. It operates on the 1 & 0 principal, or bi stage flip flops. This is a tube type computer, hundreds of thousands of tubes. The computer took up 1200 sq ft, the A/C the same amount of space. More school. Binary, Bi-quinary languages. Six months on the job, Something new, solid state computers, same principal, but different hardware,transistors and diodes. Another school.


(The card used the Hollerith Code)

Now we are into IBM, remember the IBM Card and what was called the Electronic Accounting Machines (EAM). We could feed info into computers with cards. More School this time IBM. This school was in D.C. I was learning to repair the IBM systems.

New Folder (2) 011

(Taken outside our Arlington apartment after our incident).

One night in our apartment I was having a dream. The machine would read a card, then BANG, it would blow up. Finally Sherry got me awake and said someone is shooting outside! I said no, it is just the IBM machine blowing up!  She yelled, no honey, shooting, as in guns. That got me awake. A man two stories up was running from window to window shooting at anything that moved.

The swat team finally filled his apartment and ours with tear gas and got the guy. I had a good story to tell the next day at school.

All I am trying to say is I am over schooled in electronics. Later I programmed, Fortran, Cobol and machine languages. I AM SMART!

Years later and the PC arrives. I bought one. As I said, I am smart. I set the system up, and it took me 8 solid hours just to input the date. Now, I AM FEELING DUMB. I have to learn DOS.

Then some guy named Gates, screws up every thing again. I have to learn Windows. I am fine, a company called Apple I think, bites the dust, will do nothing. NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN APPLE IS BACK, THERE IS SOMETHING NEW. AN iPHONE FOR HEAVENS SAKE. What the ------ is an iPhone. Why is Sonya running ON AND ON about? What is Lucy talking about Google Chrome? What the heck is Live Writer? (that one I found out).

I am the smartest  dumb guy you will ever know. Sometimes I feel so

Old equipment is not like old cars. 50 years from now you won’t hear: I have a completely restored HP PhotosmartC4640 printer, a 2010 model! NO ONE will say WOW! Man I wish I had that.

What I need is a fast walking stick, as my uncle Ralph would say. Anyway, thanks for listening to this RANT!

Nite Shipslog


The moon moves about two inches away from the Earth each year.

Now aren’t you glad you know that!



The 1956 Plymouth, and not a computer part in it!!!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Things do change faster than I can keep up with. I do like my Apple products though and think they are the best. I'm grateful that my kids know more than I about all the new things that come out as they help me through it. I don't know any thing much but I do know that there are some things I have to leave to others. That being said, I've got an apple cake in the oven and that is something I do know about. Hopefully some of those smarter than I will be helping me eat it.

Anonymous said...

Great entry and mean to measure time and life. Tired after a long day teaching, verbs and nouns, handwritten, mostly with a pencil. Not too long ago a pupil said to me, that I'm getting old, having 'lines' on me head.
Will enjoy every light left from the moon as long as possible. Wishing you all a good Thursday.

betty said...

I did not know that about the moon moving away from the earth like that. Of course over time, those two inches will add up! I am so clueless with technology and computers. I've said it before, I don't need a phone smarter than me, LOL! Hope you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I can barely operate my computer. Cell phone
gives me a fit when trying to get message.
If it has a knob I can turn it on and off. My land line is good all I have to do is pick it up and say hello. I am way behind in the new STUFF.


Jean said...

I don't think I want a smart phone one thing I’m not smart enough to use one, lol. I don't use the one I have much sometimes I go months without using it. I drop long distance on my land line and bought a Magie Jack that works just as good calling long distance and I don't have any payments to make. lol. Well good night to you and Sherry and Happy Thanksgiving. Jean


My hubby is the engineer. Like you he knows a thing or two about computers. LOL But at the rate technology advances these days, it is hard to keep up with all the changes. Me I just muddle through. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Lucy said...

No smart Phone for me. I could not afford it but after watching my gr-grandaughter and Neils girlfriend so engrossed in theirs when we were down to Ron's for Thanksgiving Sunday. They lose themselves in it. I could never figure it out so Land line for me. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Ken Riches said...

Have to admit that having a smart phone makes it easy to keep in touch with folks, and not have to lug my computer and a work computer around. Just forward work e-mails from my phone to my AOL account and then use my computer to open attachments. Sounds complicated, but it is very convenient when traveling.

Fred Alton said...

I remember you working in radio in Biloxi while I was working electronic signals through LORAN. What fun we, was that nightmares? I had to laugh and immediately grabbed my surgical wound when I read about Uncle Ralph's fast walking stick. Now why did that strike me as funny?

Amelia said...

Wow... I'm glad I was raised in the Windows age lol. :-)

And OMG at the shooting! You have really had some experiences..