Monday, November 7, 2011


The only time I have ever been truly interested in sports was when the kids or grandkids were playing. That was fun. I have never watched College sports because I never attended and do not have a special team.

I watched Football on TV when the boys did. Their favorite team was the Washington Redskins. I have been to two pro games. Once we took the boys to Miami to see the Dolphins and Buffalo  Bills play.  And once Sherry and I went to a Skin’s pre season game when stationed in DC.

watch it buster

Boxing, now that is another sport altogether.

Joe  Frazier

(Smokin’ Joe Frazier)

What brought this up was hearing Joe Frazier has liver cancer, and is under Hospice Care. That brought back memories of boxing. Now there was my sport. Set in motion by my older brother who was a good boxer. In the 1940’s Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber, was everyone’s pick. On the night of the fights the  radio some battery some elec, was put outside and the volume turned up.

Joe Louis

It was funny to see the men as they listened to each round. Each one shadow boxing to the calls of the announcer, then came the Gillette Blue Blade commercials.

Floyd Patterson

(Floyd Patterson was a gentleman fighter)

Odis, my older brother sparred with Floyd Patterson once. Bubba, his son was a well known boxer in this area.

sonny Liston

The thing I remember concerned Sonny Liston and Cassius Clay. I liked Sonny Liston, and this upstart Clay, kept taunting him and running his mouth. On the night of one fight, I had the radio on for the fight. Sherry was busy and I was to go and hang out some diapers. I told Sherry I would be back before the end of the first round. 

Clay over Liston

I came back in and she said it is over! WHAT!!! Less than a minute and Clay had knocked my man OUT!  That was hard for me to believe.

Anyway back to Joe Frazier.  I went to Philly once to assist a contractor in writing a book for the Navy. While there I met a guy who had a girl on a little league team which Joe coached.  He got me two autographed pictures of Joe. One I sent to Bubba who was having a rough time handling some problems in his life, and I kept one.  Now I want to locate mine.

So I guess For awhile in my life I was interested in some sports.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember the days that my boys played different sports and together with their dad they watched it all on TV. Football baseball and golf and boxing too. But as for me...I'm not very sports minded at all. Glad you have some good memories though of Joe. Over cast here today but mild temp wise. Still no rain and that's a good thing for us.

Fred Alton said...

Ahhhh! Now there's a sport for you. And I remember those boxers very well...Joe Louis, Joe Frazier, Patterson, Liston, Clay aka Ali, and my classmate, Ralph Dupas, who was a pro fighter in NOLA. Plus - Did I tell you that I was a professional boxer? (Amateurs don't get paid. Professionals get paid. Right?) Well I boxed and boxed and boxed and got paid for it while working at Brock Candy Company! Boxed gum drops one day, maybe Brock Candy Bars the next! ☻☻☻☻☻

Anonymous said...

I know some about boxing, little about basketball
but a lot about football. I learn from Andy
Griffith about the game. They get in a huddle and grab the ball and run from end of the field to the other. They flip a quarter to see who starts then they fight over the quater. If the team that got the quarter would give it back they could end the game quick.



My husband isn't into sports either. I don't know much about boxing, myself. The idea of guys clobbering each other isn't my thing. But it was interesting to read your blurb about it, though. It is a shame about Joe Frazier. Take care.

Ken Riches said...

We live in such a big world, having varied interests is what allows us to communicate sometimes. I am a huge sports fan as you may have figured out.

Paula said...

No sports for me. I used to mow the yard while Mel watched the Dallas Cowboys. Worked out well for both of us. Now I read blogs while John watches football. Same principal just older people. lol

betty said...

And I did hear this evening Joe Frazier passed on; young too; 67. Never much of a boxer or wrestling fan, but enjoy football and basketball; baseball at times. What amazes me is the amount of money the professional sports players get paid; ridiculous if you ask me!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Smokin' Joe. I used to watch the Friday Night Fights and I can still hear them say " The Gillette Calvacade of Sports is on the air!" Those were the days!


Rose said...

As a child, I remember my five brothers would gather together to watch the boxing on TV. Of course, I had no interest and couldn't understand why two men would beat each other up for money! I still don't understand it.

Hugs, Rose

Sheila Y said...

Well I am a Roll Tide fan, but that is about the extent of it. Of course, Hubby played baseball and football when he was younger and golf now, so he usually spends time watching football or golf. It's been a long while since he watched baseball. When my brother Shawn graduated he and a friend came back to Kansas with me for a visit. We took them to see the Royals play in Kansas City, this was when Bo Jackson from Auburn was on the team. Love from the snow dancing state, Sheila

Sheila Y said...

Oh Yeah!! Happy belated Birthday Miss Sherry!!! I hope you had a great day!!! Sheila