Thursday, November 3, 2011

Decisions NEXT!

Some are easy some are very hard. I am a funny guy, I get upset if I am mislead. There is a law against ‘bait and switch’. That was a big practice in the 50 & 60’s. Such as an advertised dress or suit for $25, customer goes in and they have ‘just sold’ out of those, but we have these twice as good for $45.

Everyone who would listen knows I just enjoyed a root canal. The single most expensive medical event in my life. I still have the estimate that I ‘MIS-READ.

good note 

I looked at the estimate and saw a complete job; root canal and the Crown for $1260. I had priced them other places and the most reasonable I had heard was $1800. So I think, this is a deal. So I put up with an abscessed tooth for 7 months to come back and get the ‘deal’. Now, I find that I had miss read the quote, the cap/Crown is not included.

My original dentist said $750 for the crown. OUCH!!!!   YEAH! Sherry saw a sign that said Crowns from $495. She called and made the appointment.

I drove to the office a day before the appt. just to find out the TOTAL cost. I expected an x-ray to be added but that was not to be all. $495 for the crown, but we must do an x-ray $xx plus $150 for the build up and…. “Forgive me for interrupting, but you will have to cancel the appt.” I said.

I built houses for years. I NEVER said to a customer, the house will be $65,000 turn key job. Oh, by the way if you want a foundation with the house it will be $12,000 more. No, the dentist knew exactly what he was doing with the BIG BILLBOARD ad. He would get suckers like me in and we would be ashamed to back out.  Well I have awhile to decide on the Crown. I will keep looking. (Wonder if you can do that yourself?)

dope or not

Okay, the other decision. I have stopped the Cholesterol (HATE THAT WORD)medicine for a few weeks. I have never had leg cramps much, maybe once a year. I have never been prone to rashes but I have had one on my neck and up into my hair for about 3 months. I stopped the meds about a week ago, the cramps are gone (it seems), and I am hoping the rash is clearing up.

I am not crazy about playing Doctor. It ain’t as much fun when you are older.

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Cindi said...

I gave up some serious RA meds, (I.V. stuff) my doc was not happy...why should he be, he was getting 4500 a visit from my insurance, I was the one enduring the extremely low blood pressure, and swelling lymph nodes.(huge side effect lymphoma).so when I told him I was done, he had a hissy fit, I told him try having RA, get hooked up to an I.V. every 5 weeks see how u like it!...It seems they're always in it for the money! dont get me wrong I believe they deserve it, but like u said, bait & switch...(((hugs)) from ur neighbor down south!

Anonymous said...

I agree Jack prices are out of this world and it sad how the doctors will try to trick people. I would do the same thing you did with your cholesterol meds. They say fish oil will help lower colesterol not sure if they have bad side effects. We take one 1200 mgs. aday and do well with it. Take care, Jean.

Anonymous said...

I have heard those things happening with certain meds. I know we can keep cholesterol controlled with our diet. But those foods get boring. I wonder what kind of med. the Dr's are taking and if they do it is free.


Cher' Shots said...

The whole medical system has so many government ties to it - how can it be anything but corrupt? It's a shame! Take care and do the best you can.
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

Some of you have been following my struggle to get affordable insurance so I know the feeling well. It is so frustrating. Joe and Spunky take fish oil capsules. Spunky one for his oil in his skin, Joe takes 4 for his cholesetrol. He has no side effects at all. When his nurse said take 4 a day Joe bout had a fit and she said she has patients that take up to 10 a day. I bet Spunky's cholesterol is good.

Paula said...

A nurse practioner told me to take Niacin because my good colesterol was low. I noticed my Hemotoligist was always interested in me taking that then at one appointment he said I'm to the point I may need to try that. Made me feel like I was the doctor for a change. lol

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sure hope you can find a good reliable dentist to finish the job for you. I had a good dentist for years and then he retired and his SIL took over his practice. The prices went up but he did do a good job. I tried a cheaper dental place and found out you get what you pay for. That place was cheaper but not half as good. I regret ever changing. Now I'm almost ashamed to go back to the other guy. It's been a few years and I haven't gone at all. A good doctor and a good dentist are hard to find this day and age. Take care! I'm glad you leg cramps stopped and I hope the rash goes away too.

Anonymous said...

Have to admit, that so far I never took care of something called colesterol. Walk nearly five miles a day on foot and try to eat/drink only healthy.
And yes, agreed, taking less medicine mostly made me feel better. Wishing you only the best - and thank you for 'the pig' over the Parliament. Guess it must be cloud, which I turned black ...


My husband loved your analogy about building the house and foundation. Hope you find someone to put on that crown, affordably. Sometimes we have to take matters in our own hands. If a med is giving you trouble you shouldn't take it, PERIOD. Great cartoon. Ain't it the truth. Take care.

betty said...

I think you were wise, Jack, to stop the cholesterol medicine. Hoping the rash goes away soon. Just watch your fats, eat more veggies, etc and that will help keep things in even balance. Yuck about the dentist and the added costs. That doesn't seem to be the way to do business. I know when Koda went through his chemotherapy, we were given a complete detailed list of what everything would cost upfront and there were no hidden charges. Also when we took him to the emergency vet a few times, they too present what it is going to cost (and get you to initial it, LOL) before they do any work. So the dentist was doing just a bit of false advertising, I'm thinking!


Ken Riches said...

Be careful about self medicating, you can get all out of balance.

Fred Alton said...

Oh man! Sorry about all those hidden costs! Some day there will be a judgement and the judge of all the earth will deal with those who have cheated and defrauded and taken advantage of folks just because they could. I truly think that some of the reason for the rebellious rage of the "occupiers" stems from this system of deceit and cheating.

Rose said...

Most Cardiologists these days wish they became specialized dentists instead!

I feel your pain about the root canal. I experienced several already......quite costly for sure.