Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last person out

An old saying,  the last person on Earth turn off the lights.

Well at our house the last person ‘up’ makes up the bed. (usually me!)

Last person out of the shower, wipes it down.

Last person into bed makes sure the computers are off, charge phones and internet unplugged (Usually me, but sometimes I forget).

I never liked the old saying, ‘the wife or husband is the last person to know’.  Although it is true a lot of times of infidelity.

I like to be the last person to hug the grandkids.

The one case where the last person rule does not work, is cooking and washing dishes here at the rolling home. When Sherry cooks, most of the time I try to wash dishes. When I cook, I also try to wash dishes. Methinks that is only fair, for the many times over these 55 years she has done for me.

Cousin Ken went to hear former President Bush a couple weeks ago.  He was relating to me that Mr. Bush said the first evening after they go back to Texas, Laura fixed them a good meal, just the two of them. When he finished he told her that was great, then went in and lay on the couch. In a minute or two Laura came in and asked if he felt all right, he said he felt great, no pressure. Laura then said, “ come on in the kitchen and let’s clean up, you do the dishes.”

“Honey I am a former president of the USA, you expect me to wash dishes?”

Yes, new domestic policy, you wash, I dry.”  He said he did.

I heard Mark say not too long ago that he had told someone,”EVERY morning, growing up, mama had a cooked breakfast. Biscuits, grits, eggs & bacon (sausage) or pancakes. We never had cereal.”  He was right.

Back then, I did share cooking supper sometimes, but it was mostly Sherry, she has been a great mom and wife. I am one lucky dog.

I think I am her last man!!! LOL

Thanks for coming this way.

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That is a fact since the Gov’t does not earn money!


What about this car?


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This old ‘32 Caddy could have gassed up at the station above.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Here I am the last in and the first up always. It wasn't always that way as when the babes were home they sure did help and I miss that. DDH was absolutely not much use in the kitchen. He tried but didn't do too well, it wasn't his thing. Inside was always my domain so to speak. All my children love to cook though.. Glad your Sherry gets some help there. I know she appreciates it. The sun is shining and its a beautiful day for us here in northern Ohio.

Anonymous said...

I tried to work out an agreement that if I would wash his dirty socks and underwear, he would wash my car, but that went over like lead balloon,lol.

Anonymous said...

I don't want anyone in my kitchen when I
am cooking. I rather do it by myself.
Help gets in my way. Remember how fast
Mother was in the Kitchen. She didn't want
me in there I got in her way. I guess that
is why I am that way. Leave the cooking to me.


Fred Alton said...

Well - today I was last into the operating theatre - and last out! Endoscopy and colonoscopy. Now in LC for the funeral of Bro-in-law Curtis. He was 82. They also lost their 52 year old daughter, Ramona, on Saturday. She is to be buried Thursday. Breathe a prayer for Frances as it is hitting her hard.

Paula said...

Too bad all mothers don't teach their sons how to be husbands. I would say your mother did an excellant job.

betty said...

I think you have always been Sherry's last man and only man! I like what Laura Bush said to George Bush. Hubby cooks here so I try to clean up before he gets to it :)



My hubby can't be bothered with turning off lights, locking doors, etc. The other day the cat vomited on the floor and rather than pick it up... my husband told me to watch my step and get some paper towels. On the other hand, he does the dishes. Jack you are your wife's one and only man. LOVING that 32 Caddy. She's a beauty. Take care.

Lucy said...

Jack you know you will be Sherry's last man, and that is great. Joe tries to help more lately but he takes Spunky for a walk 2 times a day and does the laundry. We had SNOW. It stuck on the grass. I tried to take a picture of my mums that still did not open completely. It was snowing like mad. Way to early.

~mel said...

The Big Slim and I are pretty compatible in the kitchen (and other places:)) We both love to cook ~ usually if I'm cooking he'll be setting the table ... and he helps with the dishes too. When he's the last one up in the morning he even fixes the bed! Now if I could just get him to do laundry. I only remember him doing laundry twice. The one time I was in the hospital and he washed a load of whites with a brand new never washed before red towel. Yep... pink socks and undies! I told him "I" will be the laundry maid ... he had no complaints with that:)