Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wash day

I have been blessed with the job of washing clothes lately.  Sherry always keeps the clothes washed folded and put away. Since she brok a wing, I have been doing it.  I DO NOT MIND! here at Belmont it is nice to have the full size washer and dryer in the new storage building. It makes it easier.

The reason I am posting this is, I remember once, before we had a washer in our motor home, we used the laundry mat a lot.  It was a day our, usually Saturday morning. Anyway, at one site I watched a lady fold her wet clothes out of the washer, very meticulously.  Then, sit them inside a dryer carefully and turned it on.

I smiled inside.  BUT now about 15 years later I am reading about this little washer dryer combo we have, and in WRITING NO LESS they suggest folding your clothes before drying them. It is supposed to be a FACT that folding the clothes will actually eliminates wrinkles in the finished product.

Now I tried this, while Sherry laughed, And my drying came out like it was pressed. (that is a joke)

But do you do that? Or have you ever seen anyone do it?

I am just very curious.

Love from Belmont.

Nite ships Log.


"The best way to get back on your feet -
miss a car payment."


1950s custom merc  ed brown

From Ed Browns Garage in Pennsylvania.  I think this is a 50  Merc, customiozed by experts.

I loved the modern customizing !!


Chatty Crone said...

So did you try it or not? I have never done it myself. lol sandie

betty said...

That is a cool looking car!! When hubby was working and wore more professional clothes, I'd put everything into the dryer and as long as I got them out on hangers before the dryer stopped they weren't wrinkled. Nowadays most of the stuff we have don't wrinkle so we just throw the stuff into the dryer and fold it as it comes out. That is one of my least favorite things to do, LOL, fold clean laundry.


Paula said...

No don't fold wet clothes. Now let me ask you one. Do you or Sherry fold your fitted sheets just so? I fold them anyway I can but my sister has a method to where they are near perfectly folded.

Anonymous said...

I dry my clothes on the clothesline (aka solar dryer, lol). A little wind keeps them from being too wrinkled.


NEVER tried the folding trick. Though I'll tell you, when my hubby takes stuff out of the dryer, he doesn't fold and everything gets a tad wrinkled???

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Never in my lifetime have I heard of that one before. I can't imagine that it would do much good at all. Still I do learn something new every day of my life. I'm not so sure that I'll be trying that one, but I do think it's a good thing to give things a shake before sticking them in the dryer. It took me several days this week to catch up on my laundry as I had company last week. I forgot just how many towels a family can use. Hope you both have a fantastic Friday.

shirl72 said...

This was my experience of using the laundry mat before owner of a washer & dryer. The man that owned
the laundry mat would wash, dry and
fold your clothes and have them
ready to be picked up that afternoon what a treat. It was
just down the block and a good service for young people just
getting into the business world.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» agrees with you that this is probably a '50 Merc; a favorite for customizers.

Helen said...

I have never tried folding the clothes before drying them.

Rose said...

I have never tried folding clothes before placing them in the dryer. All that tumbling, I don't think it would keep the wrinkles away??????

My new front load dryer has a freshen up feature that makes clothes look like that just came out of the cleaners which is nice. It works good on certain fabrics.

Hugs, Rose