Thursday, August 9, 2012

A trip to Kingston, NY

We drove up the road to Kingston, about 25 miles. I needed to go to Lowes and WE needed to grocery shop. Yep, we are that far out, and this is NY.  As I mentioned in another entry, I thought NY was all skyscrapers and people.  Not so, I have learned, Lots of small towns and much farming.

We are in the small town of Accord. It consists of less than 10 town buildings and a Post Office.  anyway I could not find what I need. I will have to search the net to see what you actually call it. Our ladder on the rear of the Coach has fittings that have rusted out. I need to replace them. I can ‘jury-rig’ them but I would like to do it Right.

Oh yes, I heard from Fred today. He has a friend  that he met in Africa, who wants to hike the 100 mile wilderness with us. Seems the crowd is growing, Jack Jr. now plans to come up with Mark. Jack plans to stay with his mom while Mark will hike with Fred, Will and I. Along with Fred’s friend (whose name I cannot recall, shucks!). One of the senior moments you all talk about. LOL.

I am trying to walk a little everyday to ensure that the daddy rabbit can walk a 100 miles.  I keep saying, IT IS ONLY A HUNDRED MILES! I should be able to do that standing on my head while gargling p-nut butter, Winking smile Well it is only a 110 miles and at least 15 mountains. hahaha.

I am looking forward to the solitude of hiking and enjoying God’s creation.

We will talk later about the trail, right now I am enjoying thinking about it, and the positive influence my fellow hikers will have on my son.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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This 1950 Ford, just because I like it.

(I was talking old cars today after we passed a little Alfa R. classic, and Sherry said I could get me a little classic, if we ever retired from traveling. I am married to one sweet gal! (So, I am already looking!))


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can relate to 100 miles. It is mostly that far from my house to one of my son's house. I of course always drive there. It would seem monumental for me to even think about hiking that far and there are no mountains, only the rolling hills of Ohio. You are experienced though and know what you are doing. I imagine you are anxious to get going. It's raining here today and we are in for some cooler weather. I'm ready for a break from the heat. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

Fred said...

Friend's name is Gordon! He's an expeienced missionary (been out there about 40 years) and will be a great addition to the team. Looking forward to having Mark along. It's been years since we saw him and Jack.

Woody said...

Welcome to New Yawk!! Hope you get some nice weather, it has been wonderful, hot, humid, high temps but not much rain, How long you going to be up here.
Well, enhoy yourselves!!
Gary & Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

Your trip is really beginning to take a life of it's own - how wonderful is that? You will have some great company. sandie

Y said...

Wish I could be a fly on your backpack to listen to the spiritual and life wisdom that I'm sure will be part of the hike.

Sound like another book for you to write.

Lucy said...

I can not imagine walking 100 miles. I can not fathom walking a mile. Get those legs in shape. Enjoy your self.

Anonymous said...

is that Alfa R. an Alfa Romeo? the ex had one when we were married in 1964. (of course the next 17 years were full of "classics" that were brought home to be fixed up and never were) I'm so excited about your 100 miles on the AT...years ago when I used to read Mother Earth News they had an article about a lady just a little younger than me who walked the whole trail by herself with her stuff in a pillowcase and wearing tenny treads (thin soled tennis shoes). She was and still is my hero...I always wanted to do this but never had the guts...Don and I would have done it but he had major medical issues at age 56 plus a trick knee that would give out on him. So I say bravo hats off to you and enjoy yourselves!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful word-picture.

Please have you all a good Friday.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful word-picture.

Please have you all a good Friday.

Paula said...

I bet you guys are going to have a good time hiking. I've only been to New York one time and that was to Buffalo in December and it didn't even snow. My Daddy had a '50 Ford but it wasn't that fancy.


I LOVE upstate NEW YORK near the Finger Lakes. Hammondsport, in particular. Nothing city about it. I can imagine walking 100 miles. Hope you fellas are building up your endurance for this monumental hike. Going to be exciting, I know. take care.

Ken Riches said...

Sounds like a great adventure with friends and family.