Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Of course I use a GPS, do I trust it, NO!

Before every trip I sit here and run Microsoft Streets/Trips.  I make notes of the roads I want to take. Then Sherry feeds the address into the Garmon GPS. For some silly reason they never agree so I have to force the Garmon to use what I want.

Well today We found ourselves in Bennington, VT.

A pleasant town of about 16,000. Small streets I might point out.

Stopped at a traffic light right in front of the home of HEMMING MOTOR NEWS. Their service station still checks the oil and washes the windshield. While trying to check out a picture.

to GORHAM 006 - Copy

Full Service Station

to GORHAM 004

I never remember seeing a ‘roll back’ this old, that must be mid-1930’s.

to GORHAM 005

I noticed MR GARMON SAID TURN LEFT, so without thinking I made a left (with some difficulty, We are 60+ feet long). I immediately realized I was wrong. Then I missed the next right because the map was 300’ off. A U-turn? yep fortunately I was able to find a place and return to the route. But Mr. Garmon was using his route not mine. I wiggled this whole rig thru town without disconnecting or hitting anything. I hope I did not cause residents to say bad words!

We hit some 7% hills on RT 2. We had some terrible roads 40-50 miles worth, but most of the trip was good. I completed some underway repairs. The back up camera monitor fell off the dash due to the rough roads. I stopped drilled  hole in the dash and screwed that sucker down.

to GORHAM 003

Beautiful  drive though, I love Vermont's mountains and farms. Across Vermont thru some neat little towns, I thought of Bob Newhart’s show in the Vermont B&B setting.

to GORHAM 008

(Those are about 4500 foot mountains in the back ground)

Into New Hampshire. Also beautiful. We came all the way to Gorham, on the Maine state line. We are at the White Birches RV Resort, we can see a mountain we climbed from here.

I plan to take a couple nights on the trail, it crosses this highway we are on just a few miles further on. Glad to be here. I broke a jack pulling in, but it is fixed now. So all is well with the  world.

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This guy drove into our park the day before we left NY:

to GORHAM 001


shirl72 said...

That is very beautiful Country.
Love the car that drove into the
park that you left. It looks in
very good condition.

Be careful on the trail.


Paula said...

I love to see those old cars, wish I had one to drive on Sundays. You have a man in the box to tell you where to go?


I never trust the GPS. It has a mind of it's own. Really neat there is still a FULL SERVICE STATION out there. Made me smile. I am crazy about Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. It's GOD's country up there. ENJOY!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you made it with only a few little mishaps. Those mountains are beautiful there. I have heard tales of the gps routes from some of my kids. They do not always take you by the best of routes for sure. The traveling I do does not require one. That is a good thing for sure. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

Louis la Vache said...

It's good you are handy with doing repairs! That was a rough entry into Vermont!

«Louis» would very much enjoy seeing that Hemmings station!

Woody said...

Sounds like you duid some slick manuvers to get thru there, we have traveled a lot of New England and always find something different when we go, however it is not a place I like to be in when "Ole Man Winter" sets in.
Love and take care you 2;
Gary & Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

I don't have a GPS! But I would love one! The country you are seeing is just beautiful! Love, sandie