Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I never paid any attention


(My girl on the trail in Georgia, our map reader, says she is skipping this hike)

What do you think of when you hear Benedict Arnold? Traitor, turn coat or a different way to serve an egg?

On our trip over we stopped at a neat little quiet rest area on the Kennebec River. We know the Kennebec mainly because it is the only river (way up stream from here) that AT hikers must be ferried across by a volunteer in a canoe. The Kennebec is a dangerous river because the depth changes very swiftly and in the past hikers have lost their packs and some their lives.

I like to read plaques, this is one telling about General Arnold, a well respected member of George Washington’s Colonial Army. Interesting reading, now I guess I will try to find out more about Benedict.

TO MAINE 12 009

I didn’t take a picture of the other picnic table, there was a man there having his lunch. It looked like he might be a local worker, taking a break. What a relaxing place for it.

TO MAINE 12 010

I would imagine many great meals are taken from this river.

Looking back on this trip to Bangor, the road was great. I had to squeeze thru some areas of ‘road and bridge work’ but all in all the trip was VERY GOOD.


(Sherry in the NH Whites, in 2009)049

The scenery was wonderful and very little traffic on the two lane road. I love that kind of drive. You can only find that up here in the North East or west of the Mississippi to the Rockies. Makes driving this rig a breeze.

Well off to a couple thrift stores to see if I can find a good metal cup and pot.

Thanks for reading this stuff.

Nite Shipslog


Heard from Frances (Fred’s lovely wife & one of my girl friends) Fred & Gordon have their tickets to Bangor. Things are looking good.


1932 ford

What was popular when you were a teenage? This ‘32 is much more elaborate, but it is the type of ‘Hot Rod’ I remember in the mid ‘50’s.


Dar said...

I love thrift stores, my kind of shopping., everything from a to z and at a price even I can afford.
So glad things are going according to plan for the 'hike' with the boys and friends. I'm glad one of them is staying back with Sherry, tho. I love that first pic of Sherry doing the map reading. That's always been my job too. Love it. Would much more read a map than listen to a Garmin misdirecting me.
To answer your ? Eggs, love them all Benedict!
As for the trusses, I knew that. Just will have to give you this one tho, for catching my minds error.
LOLOLOL You are such a good sport.
BlessYourHeart and HappyTrails

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you find what you are looking for. I just gave my oldest son all our camping cups and pots for his scout troop. All the boys had back packs and gear at one time. I was glad to be rid of some things from the basement that could help their troop out. I loved all the pictures. It is quite scenic there for sure. It was a dark, cloudy morning but now the sunshine is out and it's beautiful here today.

Paula said...

we went to our favorite thrift store in San Antonio after visiting a friend from church in the hospital.We are so tight we didn't buy much as it wasn't Senior Day with discounts.'Course we don't really need anything it's just fun to see how we could save money buying there.

Chatty Crone said...

Looks like some nice weather there - not too hot and not too cool. And the scenery is so pretty. Lucky twosome.

Glenda said...

Beautiful views, Ms Sherry looks so very athletic in those pics. Sounds like you got a great hike planned...enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Some hikes are made to be skipped.

shirl72 said...

What beautiful scenery looks like
a relaxing place to have a picnic

I love thrift stores con-signment shops I like Paula don't need one
thing but it make you feel good when you save money.

I know you are looking forward
to the hike with your friends.



Looks like a gorgeous place to hang your hat a while. I'm with Sherry about sitting this one out. Love to thrift shop too. hope you found something that will work for the hike. Sometimes you get lucky and other days you don't. Take care.

~mel said...

Fred has his ticket ~ LOVE IT!! I know he's been practicing (eating at the Golden Corral)... LOL How is he going to make it a whole hike's worth of days on your cooking ramen noodles??