Friday, August 10, 2012

Thanks for reading this Blog

I just noticed this blog has been viewed about 126,000 times since being on Blogger.  I know you guys could be doing something more important, it takes a little time an effort to come here. So Thanks.

We started this Blog to keep the family informed as to our whereabouts, when we took a trip across country with my best friend and brother in law Sonny and his wife, Sherry’s sister, Collette.

scan2001-05 080

From a train ride in the NC mountains.

Sonny and Colette were great travelers,  we spent more time on the road with them than any family members. Of course we have traveled with several couples and enjoyed them all.  One of our traveling partners was my sister Kat (whose real name was Mary K. but no one told me) and her husband Dick.  Dick died at a camp site on the Blue Ridge parkway, doing what he loved, camping at a State park with no hook ups.

But the trip we remember most was with Sonny and Colette when we started this Journal, called the ShipsLog on AOL.


We stopped by the Arch in St. Louis, no one thought Colette would go up in it, but she did.


The actual site of the little house on the Prairie and the last house that Pa built.


We enjoyed the Corn Palace, a wonder to  Sonny and I! (the theme is changed every year 2004 was Lewis and Clark)


Colette enjoyed the passenger seat, Sherry Drove.


Sonny Drove and I took pictures, this one in the Bad lands.

100_0646100_0648 - Copy100_0651100_0653

At Wall Drug, we all busted the same bronc!


Sonny and I at Wild Bill Hickok's grave in Deadwood. Sonny at the Devil’s Tower.


Sonny seldom took a picture, but this one he wanted of Prairie dogs, he, being a follower of Westerns in which Prairie dogs played a big part.


Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore.

I could go on, but this all came about, because I saw Sonny’s Prairie dog photo come up on the screen saver. We went on to Valentine, Nebraska. Platte River and Buffalo Bill’s Scout’s Rest.  On down to Dodge City then back by the Bombing site in OK City.

Sherry misses her sisters, and I will miss Sonny forever. He was a Democrat I was a Republican/Independent. I drank a little, he was Methodist and never touched the stuff. He was pro Union not me. But he knew what a spark plug was. He worked extra hours to support his family. He had pushed cars off to start them. Ahh we had too much in common to worry about the minor differences of Politics, Unions and Religion. We were Buddies.

Nite Shipslog


Experience is the thing you have left
when everything else is gone.


1924 bentley

Ain’t that 1924 Bentley Pretty!



You look past your differences when you sign up to be friends. And relatives, well you're stuck with each other. LOL You are blessed to have had traveling buddies. All the more fun. You've been everywhere, haven't you? GREAT photos.

Rose said...

Your blog containes wonderful memories to cherish.

Glad you had great traveling buddies. You have made more friends through your vast travels and I get to enjoy them with you through your blog.

Hugggggggggggggs, Rose

Cindi said...

What great memories. Loved looking at you pictures, the joy of being together are reflected in your smiles.

Lucy said...

You have a lot of readers because your blog is so interesting. Never a dull moment for you and Sherry. I enjoy the pictures and the conversation.

Chatty Crone said...

Is Sonny gone? What wonderful memories you have together. You know differences sometimes bring you closer - my husband and my brother were like that too. Love your photos. Sandie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's been my pleasure to read your blog. I've seen more of the US than would have been possible otherwise. I've loved seeing where you've been and where you are. It's been a rainy start to our day. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

shirl72 said...

Glad you write the blog that is
the way I keep up with where you
and Sherry have hung your hat
for the night.

I need to keep up with my only family member left. Glad you
are the one that likes to travel.
I done enough and glad to stay
put right now. May change when
I get older....LOL



Anonymous said...

You're fun, interesting, smart, & kind. Who would not like it here?

Anonymous said...

Like this site because it provides indeed what makes life happier a thing.

Please have you all a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

that 1924 Bentley is PRETTY!

You didn't tell me what an Alfa R. is...inquiring minds want to know!

WOW you and Sherry and your family and friends have had some fantastic trips!

Sounds strange but I wish Don could a died with his boots on, on a camping trip...we used to love to "rough" camp out of the back of our little Ford Courier!

Woody said...

"Friends", those people who come along and become a part of you !!
Nice Entry !

Louis la Vache said...

That was quite a journey!

Neat Bentley - check out «Louis'» Weekend Reflection...