Sunday, August 5, 2012

Central Market, Shopping

In our travels we have  missed many interesting places known to locals.  Many sites and places are very famous, and you can miss them. One such place is Lancaster Central Market, originally a Farmers market, and over the years has become a GIANT SUPER MARKET of individual booths. Fresh veggies, meats, flowers, novelties, jellies, some hats, souvenirs and baked goods.

Market 027

Also, and I think more important, a place of entertainment, news, fellowship and excitement.  A place of slow shopping and even some hustle and bustle associated by me, to holidays. Lancaster has grown to a city of approx 60,000 with the county population near a half million. Tourism is second in the county’s industry bringing in close to $2 billion a year. Agriculture is the #1 industry of this thriving city.

Market 029

BUT the Market is not the place of tourists, unless you are with friends, Central Market is a place for old friends.  You see hugs, handshakes  and backslapping. Smiles between the concession booth owners and regular customers. It is a festive atmosphere.

Market 033

I don’t hear names real well, but I believe this was TJ & son. He was a Rugby Coach for some of Dan and Joan’s grandkids

Can you say variety? A Grass-fed Meats sign, Dan brought to my attention.

Market 030

Market 015Market 017

Joan was raised here and shopped weekly with her mom until her mom’s passing. Here, Lancaster is not a city, inside the building this is still ‘small town and friends’.  Something that has been lost in most places.

Market 032

In the hour we were there, they met about 6 friends shopping.

Market 021

Dan bought two home grown melons, one was for us! (Thanks Dan I am eating on it along with some pecan/chocolate candy). Central Market is something you must experience, it is hard to pass along the feeling.

Oh yes, of course we ran into Miesse’s Chocolate:

Market 008Market 009

And fresh flowers to add to the beauty of the place, even ‘wheat Grass’ (the bright green stuff here).

Market 014

Market 013

Just outside A building (center city), once a clothing/drygoods store, was gutted a high rise added and it became a downtown Hotel, leaving the outside with the intricate masonry work and coping.

Market 011

And to add to the atmosphere, outside were several musicians playing for ‘tips’. These two were a couple of kids.

Market 035

There was much more to the day, but that is another entry. We cannot say enough about our friends Dan & Joan, without them we would have missed some great points of Lancaster. Yes, Dan was a good boss and a very good friend. Their family is one it would take several entries to cover. I have talked about Tracy, but you need to know about Mike, Cullie & Lynn.  Each fantastic in their own right!

Thanks for going to the Market with us.

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1954 Hudson Jet, I was reminded of this one when I passed a 1954 Chevy today and wasn’t fast enough on the camera-draw!


Ken Riches said...

Love that the kids are playing classical music!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great place to go ! I love places like that but have never been to one quite so big. You are blessed with lots of good friends no matter where you go it seems. We had rain here overnight and this morning and now it's to cool down a bit. What a relief. Hope your Sunday is a day of rest before you start traveling again. It looks like a beautiful week ahead with lower temps and blue skies for the most part.


LOVE Lancaster. A wonderful place. GREAT photos of your excursion. Take care.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay you reached my heart with a farmer's market - I LOVE them passionately in fact I just went to one this past week. Aren't they amazing and your even better because it is home to a lot of people!

I saw some wheat grass in there I would love.


Paula said...

That Farmers Market looks so interesting and I love the kids playing outside the building. Making some tips and not always inside on the computer or watching TV.

Anonymous said...

Farmers Markets are the best. There is a renewed focus on them as more people try to buy food that is locally produced.

I recently bought some ice cream that comes from Lancaster County. I read the lovely PR on the side of the carton and imagined green Pennsylvania pastureland. I believed every word on the carton, lol.