Monday, August 6, 2012

Jonah, The Play Also Lunch with Dan & Joan on the Susquehanna

Jonah 001

We arrived thirty minutes early, sat in the car and read some, Sherry done her current history recording.. The theater is impressive for someone who is not a theater goer.

Jonah 003Jonah 004Jonah 005

Ticket booth inside.

Jonah 006

Of course there are no pictures once the production is underway, so no pictures. Using theatrical license they introduced Jonah’s  family, when he received the orders from God, the city was thrilled to have a prophet who was gonna spread the WORD of GOD.

Impressive parts:

The huge fishing boat on stage moving around. simulated waves, the spectacular part was the ‘throwing over board’, the ‘HOW’ and simulation was great.

Also they have a way of giving you the feel of being under water with Jonah. Fish swimming above the audience and jelly fish descending from the ceiling giving you the feeling you are sinking.

The acting by Jonah is very good. He appears to be swimming back to the top then sinking again. The distance he moves is at least 30-40 feet, with the fish, then the Whale moving above the audience. I should not give everything away, but the presentation is a combination of screen (Movie) and a partly helium filled Whale.

All of the aerial and underwater acrobatics, i.e. thrown off the boat and spit up on the shore are great.

It was a good play, I wish I could have understood the verbiage. Oh there is a great skit with Jonah and a hard of hearing guy and his donkey!!!!

It was not “NOAH” but it was good.

HOWEVER at the snack bar:

Jonah 007

Yep, Miesse’s CHOCOLATE!


Market 024

Sherry and Joan on the square (Honest, Sherry’s brown bag contains molasses)

Market 026

Now back to the Central market in Lancaster. We said good bye to Tracy and some of their friends. We were given another tour around to view some local architecture and color. Including a great view of the Susquehanna from this park.

Market 043

They took us to site of one of the longest covered bridges in the world. It was burned to halt Lee’s advance during the Civil War.  I recognized the replacement bridge because I have taken pictures of it from the US-30 bridge. I thought it was a RR trestle.

Loved this Locust Bar and Stump combo.

Market 045

Not just a friend, but we ran into one of Joan’s cousins and a friend while here at Wrights.

Market 046

Anyway they took us to lunch at John Wright’s Restaurant and store. Situated in an old foundry building. The view of the bridge and the Susquehanna River was great. The lunch was as Dan had advertised, VERY GOOD!

Market 044

Market 047

Leaving the restaurant and heading for one more view of the Bridge.

Market 049

Now I know what the extra pilings are, they are from the burned bridge. If you can imagine such a covered bridge in the 1860’s. It was a carriage, train, and walk bridge.

Probably as you  read this, we will be on the road to Rondout Valley, New York. Yeah, the lives of Gypsies is tough!!!!

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite shipslog


Sign in a Nairobi restaurant:


1956 chevrolet

I also passed one of these today 1956 Chevy


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That must have been some play. Glad you enjoyed it all. I'm glad too that you got to spend some more good times with your friends. Hope your travels today a safe ones. The weather here today is supposed to be just beautiful! Take good care!

Chatty Crone said...

Wow I was so involved in the bridge I almost forgot about the play. I learn so much here and things I'll never get to see other then though some others eyes - so thank you.

The play sounded like is was awesome! I wish you could have heard it better.

And the black bag - why couldn't she have some chocolate in their Jack?

And the bridge and the history - man - very interesting.


DD said...

Yes, but Gypsies are happy people!
Safe and happy travels, you two.

Very interesting post.


That covered bridge must have been a sight for sore eyes back in it's day. The play sounds delightful. The special effects must have been amazing if you could visualize Jonah under the water. GODSPEED as you head north. Take care.