Friday, August 24, 2012

We have a decorative front yard

Hudson 003

We get e-mail ads like everyone else, but we don’t need lawn mowers, or tricks to clean gutters.

Sure, things are different for us butI will not complain. We can’t have as much stuff as Lucy’s neighbors, but we get by.  hahaha

Hudson 004

(We have these decorations and don’t even have to tend them!)

We are enjoying Bangor. This is a nice city.  Friendly folk, but confusing to drive in. I think that is true about most new towns. But angled streets caused by steep hills and in some cases 5 point intersections, make it hard to get around.

This is the home of Steven King, a very famous author, in case you do not read. For the first few days we have searched out thrift stores to find hiking stuff. We have been very lucky so far. I needed to find some nylon pants for Mark. I think I now have a couple extra pair. Shirts are a different story, a little harder to find.

For the hiking neophyte, a standard statement about hiking clothes is ‘Cotton is Rotten’. Meaning it will stay wet once wet, where the synthetics will wick and dry out.  I know I have hiking on the brain now, and will have until we hit the trail.

Most hikers pack a pack for 2-5 days on the trail. Hiking the AT from Springer Mt., GA, to Mt. Katahadin in Maine, is not much different. A hiker will hike until he is short on supplies, and he will usually cross a road with a town within a few miles. Some hike in, others hitchhike.  Many times driver will pull over and ask if they can give you a ride. When folks are familiar with hikers, they are very generous..

When we are not hiking and we are near the trail we look for folks to help.  We like to learn their trail names, where they are from and when they expect to reach Katahdin, etc.

Every few weeks, most hikers will take what they call a zero day, no miles. They will get a motel or hostel, for a hot bath, shop, stock up and just sit around and shoot the breeze with the locals and fellow hikers. It is a culture all it’s own.

You really do meet some good folk.

Thanks for coming this way.

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A sharp tongue can cut your own throat.


Hudson Hornet, ain’t it a beauty, She was fast in the early 1950’s.        ($12,500, price now)

Hudson 001Hudson 002

If you read my good friend ‘Louis’ ….   

who lives in sight of the Golden Gate, he just featured Steve McQueen’s Hudson Hornet on his blog. Just before reading his blog, Sherry and I stopped and took a picture of this one, a couple miles from here.


Louis la Vache said...

What a coincidence that you spotted this Hudson at the same time «Louis» posted photos of Steve McQueen's Hudson!


LOVE your pumpkin patch. Glad the thrifting is going well as you prepare for your hike. Not sure I would hitch hike myself, but if everybody does it, guess it's ok. does sound like a world unto itself. take care.

Chatty Crone said...

It is nice that you can see decorations and just enjoy them without having to be responsible for them. Not I don't know for sure - but I think I would love to live light - junk feels like it is weighting me down!!

Paula said...

Like the part about the hikers taking a day off to talk to the locals etc.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

After a week on the trail a hot bath and a bed must feel like heaven. I'm too spoiled to give up my bed and hot water. Good idea to wear nylon so it dries out fast, I had never thought of that. You do have a nice view there. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

Anonymous said...

With about 100F for the next few days, there certainly will be zero miles over here and not much care taking of the garden as well. Please have a good weekend you all.

shirl72 said...

I cab tell you are ready to get on the trail. Hope every thing goes well and I know you will have a good time.

We had a 54 Hudson Hornet like the
one that won all the races in the
50's. J gave it to E and he sold
it to a movie producer in Atlanta
and was used in movies.


shirl72 said...

Don't know how to make corrections when commenting on a blog I put cab instead can.

Dar said...

Looks like the hike is zeroing in...anxious and excited for you.
Loved the Hudson, but really, really loved the '48 Chevy you and Sherry smooched in as teenagers. Such a sweet entry.
Still typing with one finger.
LoveYouTwo from up northWI

Cher' Shots said...

You and that bride of yours are such energetic young folk! Love your hiking entries. Learn a lot from reading your blog.
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

I like your decorations and it did not involve any work from you. I just wrote on Paula's blog, that if the outfit should tear the house down next door to us, that will leave our hoarder neighbors and nothing to block our view. I do feel so sorry for them with Ben's health going down hill and having all their property taken except the house they live in 0ne lot away from us. The back yard is totally full at that house, now.. I will just try not to look over there. At least they warned us so we could save our parking place and fence to keep Spunky in.