Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Okay, I am tired of this…

Alzheimer's is very serious.  It affects older folks mostly.  Now I am being inundated with information telling me the EARLY SIGNS!  I am not being curt, I know it it serious, but why do I have to exhibit some of the signs that every doctor comes up with. I am getting paranoid.  

I hear my friends say, “The Dr. gave “Jones” a test for Alzheimer’s today, and he/she is in the early stages. Now, whether they actually have the disease of not, THEY HAVE IT! It is not like TB, Look at this….


Tests and diagnosis

By Mayo Clinic staff
There's no specific test today that confirms you have Alzheimer's disease. Your doctor will make a judgment about whether Alzheimer's is the most likely cause of your symptoms based on the information you provide and results of various tests that can help clarify the diagnosis.

Alzheimer's disease can be diagnosed with complete accuracy ONLY after death (I really do not want to know that much), when microscopic examination of the brain reveals the characteristic plaques and tangles.


When someone mentions the test they say it as if it is a fact. Like being diagnosed with the Flu. YES, YOU HAVE IT!  That is not true. It is a judgment call, by medical professionals, not from blood tests and physical facts.

It took me years to learn that because a mechanic has the best and latest tools in the world, it does not mean HE IS A RELIABLE MECHANIC, example:

Once we had a 1957 Rambler. It was running rough. At the Rambler Dealer, the mechanic said, “Every test I run says you need an engine over haul. Costs about $250.00.” That was a month’s pay, no way could I afford that.


I took it to the husband of Sherry’s Piano teacher. An uneducated man, but lived mechanics. he listened to the engine then said, “Hand me that 7/16” wrench.” (at least I knew what he wanted), I handed it to him. He was under the hood for less than a minute and the engine smoothed out. He walked over, laid the wrench down. “It was the intake manifold loose, sucking air. These engines are notorious for that, but Rambler won’t admit it.”

He wouldn’t accept a dime, and had saved me a $250 loan. What I have learned is Humans are not equal. One Doctor may be gifted, one may not be as lucky, or another may be a doctor because his family wanted him to be, not because he wanted to heal.

So in many cases a 2nd, even 3rd opinion is prudent. Especially when dealing with strictly JUDGEMENT.

Yeah, I hate myself sometimes, for being skeptical, but I am.

It is sorta like fixing my pictures problem, here on Blogger. I have looked at at least 10 fixes, none worked, there is someone who could tell me exactly what is wrong.

Thanks for coming this way.

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Some educated person at Kencom wrote this:



1954 Kaiser Manhatten



I agree 2nd and 3rd opinions are worth their weight in gold. Three years ago when i had a tumor removed from my eye, the doc said I had GLAUCOMA. Yesterday I had extensive eye exam and this doctor said there is NO glaucoma, but I DO have cataracts??? Hard to know what to believe??? Skepticism is a healthy thing to have. take care.

Chatty Crone said...

What's going on to make you so passionate here.

No they can't diagnosis it, but I guess after awhile there might be a suspicion of it. I have to tell you it scares me and who ever gets it and deals with it - is a real hero in my mind.


Rose said...

Don't get me going about doctors! Oh my, I just got thru posting in my blog about my ongoing issues with my Primary Care doctor and staff.

I do believe in second opinions.


Ken Riches said...

I would think establishing a routine will help with whatever is occurring. Az is not immediate and you have many years of activity before you need to slow down. Just my opinion :o)

Helen said...

If I have the early stages of Alzheimer's, Please don't tell me because I wouldn't remember it anyway.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is very fearful of Alzheimer's...

Interesting about the engine problem on that Rambler.
It was made when Mitt Romney's father was running the company. The Rambler was his baby.

The Kaiser was designed by Brooks Stevens.

Y said...

My husband is a retired neurologist. He often says that there's no sense in diagnosing what we can't treat. He was never a believer in all the tests and wonder drugs that "treat" diseases that have no objective tests or provable treatments.

Medicare is being abused in all the denial of death as a natural process in living.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always heard that if you couldn't remember where home was then that was a sign...so far I've always found my way home so that's a good thing. I don't deal with doctors much at all unless something isn't working right because I don't like all the preventative tests they want to run on you all the time. Opinions are just that and we can take them for what they are worth. We have another beautiful day in Ohio. Hope you are enjoying your visit to New York.

shirl72 said...

I am skeptical about everything.
Never take first answer. Most time I say I will check it out and get back with you. Usually it was the right thing to do. To many out there ripping people off.

We get wiser with age.

jack69 said...

Just a short comment, to check my avatar. Have a good day jack!

Anonymous said...

Lots of signs from all different illnesses overlap. You can have a headache from a migraine or from a brain tumor. Signs are often pretty random. You seem awfully sharp ;).

Paula said...

Yes I hate it when they keep sending old age phamplets in the mail. I know I'm of that age already. To top it off John bought me a walker recently. Why didn't he say it was for who ever needs it first? lol