Friday, August 3, 2012

I am sure you have noticed……

The ‘bad, odd, off the wall things’ that happen in our lives, on vacation, at work or when we are just being us, make the most told stories.

It is funny now, but not then. I was once in a trio singing at Christmas time (yeah,me, really singing). The three wise men. I forgot my part and sang my whole solo verse as ‘Myrrh is mine,..Da-da- da- duh, da da da……. etc.’

For years we got Christmas Cards saying, MERRY CHRISTMAS….‘Myrrh is mine da da da da daaaaaa’. 

Sherry and my BIL Elmer are the only ones still alive that know;  once I drove a total of 100+ miles the wrong direction. I achieved the name of ‘Wrong-way-jack’.  Replacing ‘U-turn Jack’!  I may one day live that one down.

Remember Junior Samples, of “Hee Haw” Fame? Well growing up, my sibling’s names were: Junior, Odis, Kat, Ovaline and Shirl. I knew their names as well as mine, I never questioned them, that was their names.

Sister Kat is in the hospital once. Sherry and I approached the information desk and I asked what room ‘Kat Lankford’  was in. The lady looked and looked. Finally she said, “We do not have a Kat Lankford, the only Lankford we have is Mary K.”

We must be at the wrong hospital,” said I, as my sweet wife elbowed me and said, “Honey, Kat’s name is Mary Katherine.” 

“Well no one ever told her brother!”

I once had a visit from an FBI agent. My job assignment required a TOP SECRET (SI) clearance. (I had submitted all the information asked). The Agent turned on a recorder, read me my rights, then said:

“You listed a Junior (NMN)  Darnell as a brother in Shelby, NC, No such man exists.” He listed off several Darnell names in Shelby. One was B.F. Darnell Jr.

“B.F. Darnell is my Dad’s name, he doesn’t live in Shelby.” I don't know smile  Can you see eyes rolling? I did. I could imagine this dude thinking, and they want to entrust our military secrets to this kid, his IQ score must be wrong?  LOL

As he clicked off the recorder and stood, dismissing me, he said, Cpl Darnell, I think the mystery is solved, thank you for coming in (Like I had a choice)!”

Now that I look back, seems the FBI would have looked at my Dad’s name on the application and at Junior’s name and figured that, without me having to show my ignorance. hahahahaha

But this backward boy can laugh at himself and I know down inside, “shucks I am a genius!!!”  Shakespeare wrote: ‘To your own self be true.”

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Paula said...

Love this entry. I think we all make these boo boos but I guess we mostly choose to forget them. lol Like John edging our yard with chemical and it looks like our trees are dying.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Here at my house my kids always said I called them by the wrong names all the time. They all gave each other nick names. After a while I started using them too. On line I've given all my grandchildren nicknames, but really I only use those names on line. It's a good thing you can look back and tell on yourself. I guess we all have some stories to tell. I think I've spent half my life laughing at my self. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Sheila Y said...

Yes, those types of things are always funnier after a little time has passed. We all have tales to tell...ha. Have a great day you two, Sheila

Lucy said...

Oh my, I have managed to cover some screw ups in my day but I am sure some were figured out.

DD said...

Very good post.
I and my daughters were laughing only yesterday as I was telling them of an incident involving myself in a checkout line a few days before. I think I had rather get a good laugh on me than on another. I do it so

shirl72 said...

I have done some stupid things, I think I have eraced all memories. Now you got me thinking the dumb thing I did or doing now.

Lately I think I am missing an
app. or suppose to be some where
and forgot to show up. Getting
old makes a difference.


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» suspects that Morris doesn't have its original four cylinder engine, rather something with twice as many cylinders...

Rose said...

We all have something in common...we all have experienced some....let's say unusual things we have done or said.

I'll share some of mine soon.

I enjoyed this post!!!! LOL


FUNNY stories. I've been known to go the wrong way, myself. LOL Take care.