Sunday, August 12, 2012

We had rain yesterday until we found the AT trail crossing

Then it actually cleared up. We loaded up and hit the trail going North A few miles below Peekskill.

Not a real rough trail and follows a lake.  We ran into three men doing trail maintenance.  They were working on a set of steps.  Some small hills  are rough to get up and volunteers will move rocks weighing hundreds of pounds to make steps.

The time is donated for their love of the outdoors and the trail. These men were RPHC Club volunteers.


This is Tim Messerick, seems to be the lead volunteer of the group. I missed their names but they were very busy.


Those are giant rocks they have moved and leveled out for hikers.

Onward for us following the white blaze that signifies the Appalachian Trail.


I was very good today and though I did follow my girl I did not take one picture of her pretty hinnie.

We passed a great camping spot:


You cannot tell by the photo, but this is down about 50 ft. then a great level spot for a tent. But no tenting for us, this is just practice.

We hiked in about two miles, took us an hour. Then back out, total of about 2 hours with 4 miles, not bad for being without a a pack for a few years.

Coming back home thru Poughkeepsie, NY and over the beautiful FDR Bridge. Poughkeepsie is the home of FDR on the Hudson river. Just about 5 miles North of this point.  We visited FDR last time thru at Hyde Park. So we will skip it this time around.



(Last time around Sherry had a good talk with FDR and Eleanor)


We stopped at New Palz for Lunch and headed back across the mountains and home.


I had Sherry on the look out for this Old Chevy Truck, Imma guessing about a 1948. Also in the picture is the metal sculpture  I wanted you to see.

It was a good day out.  We head for New Hampshire tomorrow. We are going to take a completely different route to see some more of NY & New Hampshire.

Thanks for reading.

Nite Shipslog


Talk slowly but think fast.


1949 pontiac 4dr

The 1949 Pontiac, I used to wonder why GM had the Pontiac, I liked the Indian hood ornament, but otherwise couldn’t see much different than the Chevy.


Louis la Vache said...

The Chevy truck is early '50s, maybe '53, but on the body introduced for '49.

The rationale for Pontiac was that it was a step up from Chevy, following the old Alfred Sloan stepping stone method of marketing GM cars. Chevy was the price leader. Pontiac a step up. Olds was one more step up and Buick was in what we now call the near-luxury class, with Cadillac being the luxury line for GM. Sloan's idea was that as GM customers became more prosperous, they would graduate up, finally reaching Cadillac. But when the financial staff took GM over from the car guys in 1959, the distinctions between the makes began to fade as the bean counters took away the things that made the cars distinct between them and the rationale for Pontiac and Oldsmobile was lost...

Rose said...

You guys continue to amaze me with your travels!

Love the photos! I didn't know volunteers clear those steps.

I only hiked once with my children and had a rough time keeping up. LOL

Hugs, Rose

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The rain has stopped here and today is supposed to be much warmer that the past few days...Temps are going up in the high 70's, still very nice. Glad you got out for your practice hike. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The rain has stopped here and today is supposed to be much warmer that the past few days...Temps are going up in the high 70's, still very nice. Glad you got out for your practice hike. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one!


Sounds like a good hike. Interesting about the guys clearing the trail. HAVE FUN. Loved Seeing Sherry talk to FDR and Elenor. TAKE care.

Lucy said...

Loved the picture. Making steps on the trail can not be easy. Just wanted to tell you that I typed in the search bar "like Popeyes chicken red beans and rice" and got a bunch of recipes. my printer doesn't co-operate so I will just go back and put it on my book marks. Surprised me that some wanted yo charge.

shirl72 said...

I hope Sherry had a good talk
with FDR and Elenor. That is
wonderful that volunteers would
work on the trail.

Glad you are testing things before
you start your journey. Sherry we
were walking 4 miles I need to be
walking today but staying busy
with volunteer work.


Ken Riches said...

What a great service they provide building those stairs.

Paula said...

Those steps are pretty as well as useful. Nice of those guys to do that.

Woody said...

Glad you are enjoying New York, Don't sit still for too long or they will "Tax" you for something, LOL !!!

One of these New York trips we are gonna come and look ya up !!!!
Right now Anna Mae is having some serious lower back issues.
Glad to see those AT markers and glad to see ya out and about,
God Bless Ya,
Gary & Anna Mae

Y said...

The picture of Sherry with Eleanor and Teddy is one of my favorites of her. She looks so pretty in that lavender sweater with the flowers complimenting her complexion and the sweater. Good shot!

Be careful out there.

Dar said...

I agree with Y about Sherry and the Pres and his bride. Nice pic.
Also agree about those steps and the volunteers keeping things right for you strong hikers. Man, would I love to be with on that hike, after the ' fix-up ' tho. Not doing much too strenuous this summer-it's been a beast.
Happy Trails my dears. I so envy your energy levels. I need to eat like you. Tootles and

Dar said...

Oh, reading past entries, you had a pic of the Devil's Tower. I painted that very tower for a young fella who harvested his first buck nearby...just thought I'd share.