Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Living in New York

Well maybe not ‘living’ in the sense of residency, but here for a week. In Ellenville we noticed a diner we had eaten at, but were disappointed in, was closed and surrounded by weeds. We understood why. BUT, we were so disappointed when,  a few miles before the RV park we saw the remnants of a Diner we had loved.  It had recently burned and a clean up was in progress. I hope they rebuild.

It has been 3 years since we were here. They  sustained damage from a storm 2 yrs ago, and are still recovering. After parking we walked around. Stopped by the little store and bought an ice cream cone (unusual for us, but we wanted it.)

Yesterday Sherry put a pot of butter beans on to have with corn bread, so I suggested us go down to the diner that is left and have breakfast. As we drove up I took note of one nice truck with a front tag that read, ‘COMMISSIONER’. I ordered eggs sunny side up with home fries, this time Sherry had the Veggie Omelet. 

I was watching an animated conversation among the old men, I told Sherry, I bet the guy with Black hair, doing all the talking, gets in the commissioner’s truck.  He did, I think I am a prophet. LOL

This area of NY has a lot of dirt farmers. Nice folk and very friendly. I love sitting across from my best friend, and enjoying eating out. As I watched the activity around me for some reason I thought of toast.

At our house biscuits were served most meals, we seldom had toast, it was sort of a treat. When I say treat, I think of the ‘butter spot’. Of course we didn’t have a toaster, the toast was made under the oven broiler. Loaf bread with a small hunk of butter. It came out Golden brown with a bright yellow spot, I called it the butter spot. I always tried to leave the toast and just eat the butter spot, mama would not allow that. (BUT I WANTED TO). Right now, I can remember how good that ‘butter spot’ was.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Maya Angelou said there were many exciting body changes occurring every day.....’like my breasts. They seem to be in a race to see which will reach my waist, first.’



This is the basic Hawk by Studebaker. I loved the looks this car.  Louis just completed a great blog entry on the Grand Turisimo Hawk, that followed.



That is a sweet story about you, the toast and the butter spot. My hubby would eat an entire stick of butter if he could. LOL Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your story brought back memories of my grandmother today. At her house biscuits were served at every meal. White bread as she called it was something they rarely had. Sandwiches were even made on biscuits. It's a rare day here anymore that I make them. I'm heading for my campground today. Hope you all are enjoying yours.

Chatty Crone said...

Sometimes I wish I had some of your experiences. My mom never made bread. And I have never eaten a butter spot! sandie

Fred Alton said...

OMGoodness YES! Loved that butter spot and hated when we got that first electric toaster. You had to butter the bread before toasting it, and Mom would not allow the crumbs with butter to get into the toaster for fear it would short the electrical wiring inside the toaster. I prefer buttering the bread first and frying it in a pan.

Call me when you get a chance? I have a question about the trail.

We had a '54 Landcruiser Dad bought in '56. Loved it. Powerful machine with excellent gas mileage!!!

Sheila Y said...

We use a toaster oven for toast so we can get a little bit of a 'butter spot'. Now to gross you out a little, one Christmas at Rick's parents' little Cori, about 3ish, ate a spoonful of butter. Nearly makes me gag just thinking about it...ha, and I like butter. She claimed she liked it but she's never eaten it like that again... :-D Love from NC, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Eating bread together in the evening closes the day for our small family.

God me a few books about brain and how it works a few years ago. Thoughtful entry yesterday.

Please have you all a good Thursday.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
The butter spot! «Louis» used to do that with the toast his maternal grandmother made - and he still loves biscuits. In fact, he stopped at Popeye's this afternoon and had a couple of biscuits.

That's one nice <a href="'>'56 Studebaker Sky Hawk</a> you've shown today!

Louis la Vache said...

...oh, and here's the link for «Louis'» Gran Turismo Hawk post - and the fix for the Sky Hawk link he messed up above...

shirl72 said...

I remember the biscuits and they
were buttered. Mother always
cooked breakfast. I guess we
never had cereal it was a hot

We had a 56 Studebaker Hawk.
it was a beauty.