Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today, I am looking at packs

We have given a lot of hiking stuff away. We have two back packs left. One of the original, which I have jury rigged a little, and one I picked up at a yard sale for $2. Hiking thru the Smokies we packed food for 10 days. I really never expected to go 11 days. 

Until I know for sure about Jack & Mark (our sons), I am in limbo as to what goes in which pack.  Of course Mark has never hiked, he has camped a lot, but  back packing is different. He will be depending on us to tell him what he needs. If you forget something you will do without it.

So today Sherry bought me a new 65 liter pack. It is a pretty thing.  Now I have loaded it and it feels just as heavy on my back. Sherry said what did you expect?  I said I hoped I would lose something when switching them or something.

As one man said about pack weight:  50 lbs of weight saving things, is still 50 pounds.

Well the awnings are in, rugs, chairs and small tables in the basement Ready to hook the van up and leave out in the morning. DES--TINATION, BANGOR MAINE.

Today we drove to Bethel, ME to a small café for lunch. It was loaded with a Biker Group called “Combat Vets”.  A great bunch of guys, you could see and feel the camaraderie.

They over whelmed the little café, the waitresses and cook were doing double time. No one was fussing, they all fell for an old 94 year old Vet who happened to be eating there. He had served in Europe, I could tell it made the man feel good. The bikers left and the café was empty except 4-5. The old man stopped by our table to talk to Sherry. He had joined the Army in 1941. Sweet natured man. Sorta makes one feel good.

Nother subj: I think most of us grew up when you got bills from the bank they were all in order turned and facing the same way. Sherry & I have always had the habit of holding bills in order. Now the tellers do not seem to mind, it is no big deal, it just seemed more orderly. hahaha. Sometimes you just gotta gripe!!!!

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I bet Lucy remembers muddy roads!!!


Glenda said...

Sounds like a great, fun filled day! Loved the photo of breakfast you were supposed to eat in bed, and the caption ~ you ARE so Danged Lucky!
Safe travels :)

Chatty Crone said...

You still get paper from the back - gosh they hate that here. And 50 pounds for 100 miles - not that easy. sandie

Ken Riches said...

Great to recognize the vet, I am sure it meant a lot to him!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The time is really getting short now for your hike. i hope the new pack works well for you. Trying to think of everything you'll need and still be able to carry must be a challenge. Hope your travels are safe ones.

Paula said...

Yipee we have some muddy roads at the ranch, it rained.

Louis la Vache said...

That is one MUDDY road that car is on! I bet it got S-T-U-C-K...


I used to walk, and I know 50lbs is alot of weight to carry on your back for that many miles. It is an ambitious journey, to be sure. I hope it all goes well. Keeping you in my prayers. Bangor, Maine the home of Stephen King. Sure was nice toucing base with the vets. Take care.