Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The plan is coming together

Our sons, Jack & Mark, should be overnighting in Connecticut tonight after spending some time with their friend Joe.

Mother's day 047Mother's day 056

(Sherry’s boys, last Mother’s day!)

I am excited that Mark will hike with us old men on the trail.  Jack will stay here with his Mom.  We have some extract plans if anything untoward should happen. Jack will be able to help his mom negotiate the rough logging trail to get back to us.

It would be good if we could average 10 miles a day hiking. But that will not be the first day tough. The first day will be about 5-6 miles because we will start late.  It is over a hundred miles to the trail head from Bangor, so it will be a short day on the trail.

Will had some scheduling conflicts, but Fred and Gordon will be flying in on the 4th and if they feel like it, we will hike on the 5th.  If not we will wait until the 6th to let them recoup from the flight. The flight isn’t that long, but the total time is near 12 hours, with layovers and the time you must be at the airport anymore before a flight. And these old men may need the rest! LOL

Either way the adventure is in sight. I just hope I am up for the mountains we will encounter. I think there are about 8 peaks to climb, some very steep. But they say the views are fantastic.

We are hoping for a few nights around a campfire, with some good stories of life in Africa and also adventures other places. Fred also spent a lot of time in Guyana, wen I say that I cannot help but remember the infamous Jim Jones.

Sherry just got a call from Mark. They are on Broadway in NYC!!!! Trying to avoid tolls. LOL That is a southern thing, we hate tolls down south, but like it or not we have some and are getting more. There is one going up near our little town of Belmont. Folks have fought it tooth and nail, but she's a commin’.

The boys seem happy with their trip, we are too. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment, so we are.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


You lie the loudest when you lie to yourself.



The 1955 Thunderbird, THE Ford in it’s day.


And that car or Rte 66 fame the Corvette.


This is the 1955 VETTE


Paula said...

I'm gettin' so excited. Wish I could be a rabbit in the woods listening you you all. I'm leaving today to spend a couple of days in the hill country with my girls. Needing some 'get away time badly".


This is shaping up to be some BIG adventure for you fellas. Bet you have butterflies in the stomach. EXCITING, indeed. Can't wait to hear all the stories here. take care. PS) Just so you know. When i come in to my own. I'm getting me a VINTAGE vette. Same color as the one you have pictured. LOVE it.

Sheila Y said...

And the countdown begins...can't wait to see and hear about the adventure. I was wondering when you all were planning to head out. Take care, Sheila

Fred Alton said...

Getting ready here! Packed 14 days of food into the pack yesterday and tried it this morning. It needs adjustment...but already has 36 lbs in it. I tried walking with it this morning Ugh! Haha. It pulled too much on my shoulders and I'm sure there is a way to get it better balanced. Like Frances told me once in a rainstorm while we were camped out in a tent at Fontana..."I'm gonna enjoy this if it kills me!"

Lucy said...

This is all coming together. How exciting to have it getting so close.I think you are all crazy but I am like Paula, I would love to be an animal and listen in and WATCH>. I can not stand heights so I would have to be a sure footed animal.

Woody said...

Sounds like things are getting "Ship Shape" for your inyended traverse over the AT, I envy you and your sons, sounds like its gonna be a Hoot when ya all get togeather!!!
Take care you 2,
and you be careful Jack!!!!


Anonymous said...

One continues to be moved by the happiness and the ability of the good in your all life.

Please have you all a wonderful Thursday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like you all will be challenged on this hike. 6 peaks to climb is 6 too many for me. I'll take your word for it that the view is fantastic. I do wish you much success though. It's been been a beautiful start to our week with a few days in the 70's.

Chatty Crone said...

So you are seeing the hike in close view either the 4 or 5 of Sept. It is almost here. I know you are so excited. Hope everyone gets there and things go according to plans! sandie

shirl72 said...

I think I better get a TV Crew to follow the group and start a
new program. I'm sure there will be some good conversation. I am
tired after reading 6 peaks to climb and you all have not started.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about this hiking trip you guys are taking...a very special time! Sounds like everything has been well thought out...I'll be saying a daily prayer for all of be safe, have fun, and see fantastic views!!! loved the Vette and the Thunderbird!

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are having such a great time. Our friend Jackie is not doing so well, we will keep praying. Joan and I are on our way to a golf course in Harrisburg.

Love you guys your friend Dan and Joan

Louis la Vache said...

In «Louis'» opinion, Ford's original 2-seater T-Bird is still the best of the genre...

Ken Riches said...

Great the boys are helping at both ends.