Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Advertisements and Pests

Ever notice the folks on the weight loss machines and tread mills don’t need them.  The lady who is advertising skin clearing lotion, doesn’t need it.


(I chose the pictures because they are beautiful I thought!)

do not point camera at mewrinkle cream

(Amazing ain’t it?)

The anti aging folks who use the non-wrinkle stuff don’t have any wrinkles. Oh? so they are telling me it has already worked. LOL

Sherry and Evelyn found some machines at the flea market the shakes the weight off, no exercise, those whole body vibrators, have you heard of them?  THEY AIN’T CHEAP!  LOSING ‘THEM’ POUNDS GONNA COST YOU A BUNCH.


Imma waiting until I see them in yard sales.  All the weight loss stuff ends up in yard sales, slightly used.


No, I’M not talking about people,  I mean like Ants & mice. Yep, we get ‘em in the motor home. Ants and Mice are the most frequent.


I’ll tell you one thing, in Biloxi Mississippi, the roaches would carry you off.


(Hey where is that thing going?)

Which bugs you the most, I mean like ants, mice or elephants.(Not counting husbands or men friends) What is your most frustrating?  And what do you do about it?

Thanks for coming this way.

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If it bugs you, it might bug me too! (Unless it is me!)



Now that is a CUBE! This is worse than folks used to say about the Studebaker, which

is the front?


betty said...

Oh my gosh with that roller coaster! I'm sure it takes you some place where you will get wet!!

Elephants bother me the most so I just don't invite them in when the come knocking :)

Actually, rodents would bother me the most. Tell me there's a mouse in the house and I won't rest until it is caught (hasn't happened in a long time that I know of, some in the garage when we first moved in).

Great group of colorful pictures today!!

And you are right, you drive by garage sales on a Saturday morning and guarantee there will be exercise equipment out for sale :)


Anonymous said...

Well, there are motels for roaches, snap traps for mice, boric acid baits for ants, but I've yet to figure out what to do with my husband, and the Lord knows I am at my WIT'S END!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Living up north, it seems that roaches are one thing we don't have to deal with but the mice and the ants are here. I've had both. Mice used to like to visit my camper in the winter, but they'd clear out in the summertime. Hope you are pest free today and have a wonderful Wednesday! No mice or ants here!

Jean said...

Haven't seen any mice in the house but we set 4 traps in the shed a while back and killed 10 small mice. We put out poison to keep them out, but after all the hip breaks we had neglected doing that. Ants that's something we have problems with the most we have to keep our house sprayed to kill the pest. We had a tread mill on the carport that belong to Sheila. She had let her aunt Vickie have it and they brought it back last summer a while back I had a guy come clean the carpet he ask would I sell it and I told him he could have it. Don't tell Sheila. Lol. Jean

Paula said...

John and I fell for this thing you put your feet in and it shakes you all over. Boy! we sent that thing back asap and got our money back. I guess ant are our biggest problem since you ask. Little bottle caps filled with corn meal in little corners of windows really has worked for me. Doesn't work fast but no poisen.

Lucy said...

Roaches in Texas are so big in Texas you could saddle them up and ride them. I do not like mice, don't like bugs in the house or outside. I have never had ants to speak of.

Louis la Vache said...

You failed to include the roaches in Congress and the biggest one of them all in the White House...


That "Cube Car" is in Paris near the 18th Arrondisement on the northeast side of Paris. Montmartre (Martyr Mounain) is in the 18th. It is called "Montmartre" because it was on this hill the Romans took Christians in Paris to be executed.

Jackie said...

I will hurt somebody as I try to get out of the way of a roach. I can NOT stand them. I am more afraid of a roach than a snake...truly.
We don't have them in our house for two reasons: (1) I don't like them.
(2) I don't like them.

Chatty Crone said...

Wow - I loved those pictures with all that color! I agree about the exercise piece of equipment. That roller coaster looked like so much fun - diving into the water. Well have had no mice or elephants here - but there are things called palemento bugs or tree roaches - and they huge and very scary!!!! My husband sprays twice a year and it seems (I pray) to take care of them. They scare me. sandie

Mevely317 said...

Wonderful images, Jack!

Pests? Like any self-respecting female, I've an over-active AVERSION to rodents n' such ... which is ironic, when you stop to consider how a mouse's face is kind of CUTE! If they'd only stand still ... OUTside!

PS - My sis-in-law (up the road from ya'all) once recommended TERRO Ant Killer, and darn if it didn't work like a charm!