Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Some folks are ‘turned off’ by church. I don’t get upset at them, I get turned off by some churches myself. Ministers themselves are in a position to be super crooks or a wonderful inspiration to the people they are serving (Most preachers I know fall into the latter group, great guys (although I do have acquaintances in both categories Devil)).

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(This is the last church dad pastored and the church I met my sweetheart in, I didn’t mind church when I sat with her!)

As most folks know I was raised in a parsonage, my dad was a preacher. Up until I was 16/17 and left home, I was in church a minimum of three times a week, many times 5 times a week, sometimes 8.  I am sure it never hurt me, but as I got older I am not sure that the number of times you attend  church a week, makes you a better person.  It is hard to find in scripture for the number of times a person is expected or required to attend church.

My daddy said you should be in church if possible every time the doors are open. Methinks that was a personal opinion, he never gave scripture for it.Nerd smile

Now since I am older, and driving at night is really not very smart, usually we attend once a week. Most of the time it is in different churches, and several denominations. I quit judging folks a long time ago, Winking smile. I attend now, mainly because my Sherry appreciates me going to protect her.Surprised smile 

I cannot understand what is said, and even if the words are on a screen, I can’t follow along. So, the Kindle is my escape.  I do like to read the Bible.  I love the stories and the intrigue of the Old Testament. Many times I will read the area of the Bible the minister puts on the screen.  If I get lost, I may read ‘Bleak House’ (would you believe I have been trying to finish that book for over a year?) I might even read Treasure Island or Uncle Tom’s Cabin..

I have a friend I met on the net from Ireland, Nick Park, who writes very well. I sometimes read his books. His life is interesting his books hold my attention.

Since I cannot hear/understand the music, it doesn’t bother me unless it is SOOO LOUD even I cannot think, then I am a little miserable. We attended a church few weeks ago that the music was so loud it vibrated the seat I was sitting in. I am at a loss for the reason.

MONEY, that is another problem. Some churches have over extended so far that they must continually pressure the attendees to give more. If a church owes too much it cannot help the homeless, poor, the lost, the prisoners, the widows and down trodden the way they should. To me that is the main thrusts of a church.

Thanks for listening to this diatribe.

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Learn something ever day. If nothing else watch an animal or insect, there are times they will amaze you!


This is a super guy I met in Wisconsin, showing me how his dad taught him to put a frog to sleep!



Interesting! Does that top one look like it has leather skin?


Mevely317 said...

Gosh, there's SO much to say ... but I'll try n' be brief.
I think you've really hit the nail on the head, citing several reasons I've become "turned off." (Not to be confused with "tuning out!" lol.)

My own family had at least 4 generations of ministers (that I know of), but congregational/ministerial politics and other "shtuff" contributed to my turning my back on the denomination in which I was raised many years ago.
Tho' I don't attend services regularly, I feel more at home with my faith now than ever before.

Great share, Jack!

Jackie said...

Always a pleasure to read your writing, Jack.
We love our Lord. Our Lord loved us first. I am thankful for the freedom to be able to assemble with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
It's a shame that so many people who call themselves Christians have hurt the name of Christ. I am mindful that I am His ambassador, and I know that I let Him down time and time again. For that, I am very sorry and ask His forgiveness.
Sending you and Sherry a great big hug...hoping that you are enjoying a break in the weather.
Love you both,

Chatty Crone said...

No church or minister is perfect - and some are bad I admit - but I think church is important. Just me though.

Paula said...

Nice entry as always. I think saying amen loud isn't going to get someone to heaven either. I was going to write about our church Sunday but couldn't get online because of the high wind. Maybe I'll go do it now. Hee hee

betty said...

I think its important to have a church family to "do life with". I have to say without the church God led us to here and the love and support we have from them, the nightmare of the last two years would have been so much more. I do agree that churches need to be financially responsible and set a budget and stick to the budget which includes outreach to the areas you mentioned, Jack. People have to remember too that the church is made up of people and we are all flawed broken people in need of a Savior. But people tend to like to judge thinking church people need to be perfect and that's not going to happen this side of eternity :)


Elizabeth said...

Very good! Church and church family has always been important to me and I have been disappointed in some Pastors and other christians over the years but as someone else said,they are human and humans are not perfect.

Anonymous said...

I see you are getting spammed on your blog. I am going to start signing my name so that I can be distinguished from those spammer.

I understand what you are saying about church.
Good comments by your blog readers, too.

b. knox

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've gone to church since I was a little girl. I guess it's a long standing habit for me. I've been blessed to belong to the same church now for many years. Pastors have come and gone and some left our church because they didn't like one or the other of them. I have stayed there because it's like home to me. I was married there so many years ago. I've lived in the same town mostly all my life. I've heard some say that being outdoors in nature is like attending church, but to me a church takes people. Truly it is people that are the church, not the building. More snow and colder temps are returning to Ohio today. It was nice to have a little break and see the snow melt off before getting more.

shirl72 said...

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shirl72 said...

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I signed my name trying to figure
what I have done..AIN'T easy.

Lucy said...

Jack, I got my live writer back. Your DEVIL just about scared me into thinking it was real. Love the pictures. I AM BACK FOR NOW, TILL THE NEXT DISASTER HITS.