Monday, February 25, 2013

Skill and Luck

In my life I have been very lucky. I have been known to make some delicious soup. Once someone tells me it was good (folks you can trust) I try to duplicate it and never can. I just start putting stuff that I like in a pot sometimes and it comes out great. Like making a tomato basil, shucks I love apples, I will put one in, no one knows unless I tell them.


(pic from the net)

Once the Organ in the church would not come on, the organist and pastor were worried, and minutes before service they asked if I would look at it. There was only time to smack it.  So I looked at where the power supply was and gave the case a hard slap, and it came on. Usually in the old days, with mechanical switches, the problems were usually just a bad contact. So all it took was a good jarring to make it work. Most older folk have done that.

Ma  pa kettle

Does anyone out there remember hearing or watching “Ma & PA Kettle”? He always smacked the radio to get it working, or bounced his chair and the vibration would fix the radio. You very seldom have that problem with the new switches in electronics.

I have problems with this computer, I usually get it working and sometimes have no idea what I have done. So I am sort of a fixer around home and the motor home.  Sherry and I have in the past been able to catch fish, but we are not fishermen. I have never been lucky at a lottery or that kind of thing, but I still buy the  lottery ticket.

Is that luck or educated guesses?

I am skilled at certain things. I can do most anything with wood. I can build a complete home myself, except the Air Conditioning (I don’t mess with that).  I can get an old car  running but am lost at anything above a 1960 auto.

Paula, down near San Antonio, is good at finding things, she has a knack.  Some folk are naturals with pets and training.

There are folks who can look at a blanket and make one. OR look at a dress and sew one. I had a cousin and  a sister who could make coats.

Shirl my sister can put 10 lbs in a 5 lb sack, she is a good packer. Sherry has an uncanny knack for  volume. She can hand me a bowl exactly the size I need for left overs. I’ve quit doubting her. LOL

I love being amazed at seeing what other folks can do.  Ever watch a bee keeper? WOW!

help in the escape

(Some folks specialty is helping others escape!)

Do you have a specialty? Or a special interest?

Me, I can never estimate words and always use too many.

Nite Shipslog


Each of us has a talent, some nurture it, some hide it and forget it. But we are all GOOD at something.



this is a great life. live upstairs and business downstairs. then Extra bedroom and supplies in trailer.  Looks like a patio on the back side.


Chatty Crone said...

I'm pretty good at coming home from the grocery store - after everyone buys stuff for the tiny filled freezer we have - and I can get everything in! lol

Anonymous said...
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betty said...

Loved the picture of the baby being pushed out the doggie door :)

I'm good at coming up with recipes and hubby is good at cooking them :) the team effort works and we're 95% happy with the finished results :)


Mevely317 said...

How ironic, Jack! I was dismayed early this AM when starting my car I realized one of the headlamps was DOA. So frustrated, I just glared at it and gave it a whack with the back of my hand. Darn if it didn't respond ... I couldn't help but giggle.
Great reflection on acknowledging others' strengths, without trying to make comparisons. (I need to remember this!)

Jackie said...

I think we've all hit or prodded or knocked something to make it work or come on. It's the nature of the beast (mankind.) :))
And...I am a beekeeper's daughter. Worked in bees many years, I did.
What a hobby that was!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've tried many times to discover exactly what I am good at. One thing only comes to mind, I am good with babies and sometimes with dogs too. I know I was skilled with computers, I worked with them for many they've changed so much, my skills have depleted. We're to have some rain today maybe turning over to snow. Hope all is warm and sunny there!

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» hadn't thought of Pa and Ma Kettle in a long time!

hee hee... GREAT aerodynamics on that trailer, huh?!

Anonymous said...
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Paula said...

I'm still looking for that exotic deer and it just tees me off that I can't find it. Evidently the banker is still looking too as he hasn't returned the gate key as he promised. My Mama was so good at looking at clothes in shop windows and going home to make them without a pattern.

Anonymous said...

I never actually knew what Ma & Pa Kettle was(though I do now), but I have heard the term many times.

I think you worked yourself lucky, Jack. You worked a lot, & then you got "lucky." ~Mary

shirl72 said...

As you said I am good at getting
lots in a small space. Packing
is my specialitie. That is not
good because you tend to keep to
much STUFF. he he he

Anonymous said...

Most things learned I made by looking at others and by trial/error. For sure that took me a few more years extra, yet I might have a talent for being late ;)
Please have you all a good Wednesday.

Sheila Y said...

I don't think Charlie needs a convertible just yet...ha. You know Dolly P tried to pack 10 lbs in a 5 lbs 'sack' once and the front of her dress split open.. :-) Jack you know I can't stop dancing as long as there is a slight chance....when we first moved to Wichita there were snow flurries in April...a girl can dream can't she? Love from NC, Sheila