Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rainy days and more


(Don’t you  love fascination)

Now Today’s exciting POST!  LOL

Some folk see dreary days….

Rainy days always give time to catch up on inside stuff that has been put off. I don’t like to think of them as dreary. I don’t remember disliking Rainy days or Mondays,most times I loved to go to work. (Now if you consider school, I might have been a little hesitant, LOL.) I wasn’t much of a school person. I was fortunate, I always earned good grades. I seldom had to study.

Good logic

(I had problems with instructions, they seemed like the instructions above to me!)

My homework was done in class. Well, I also spent a lot of time after school. I was one of the teachers favorites, she was always keeping me after school to help etc. I was good at dusting erasers and washing chalk boards. Teachers depended on me. Mama never understood that, how I could be the teacher’s pet, with all the notes I brought home??

Now truthfully, did you ever ‘lose’ a note you were supposed to give to your parents?  Oh yeah, I forgot, y’all never had that pleasure.I’ll not go there.

must be government

(MY DI on Parris Island would have said, “Your other right Dummy!)

So what happened here on Valentines day? I awoke to the smell of a breakfast cooking. Not the usual cereal. Anyway, Sherry had city ham, eggs sunny side up, buttered grits and a cheese biscuit (frozen from Evelyn’s visit)  with Strawberry jam and butter. Yeah, I’m her Valentine.(I do wash the dishes though).

New Folder (2) 055

(My Valentine of over 57 years, at her desk in DC)

So what did I do for her? I fixed her (our) taxes and got her a refund. How sweet is that? Anything for my Valentine!

Don & Evelyn came over and we all headed for the Red Lobster, my Valentine’s favorite place. But Everyone and his brother from The Villages was at the Red Lobster, Corral,  & Chili’s so we went to Bob Evans for our Valentine dinner. Maybe sometime next week we can re-visit the Red Lobster.

Hope you had a great Valentine’s day. It is still raining here.

Nite Shipslog


An inside day is never bad with your Valentine!



If you can’t have your own Island, this will have to do!

 The handy man toilet!!

Me ‘n Joe are working on a new design, looks good huh?


Dar said...

I'm glad you had a nice V-Day with your sweetie even tho your plans were slightly changed~there will be a Red Lobster waiting for you the next time. Good eats there.
I was giving Bill directions once, and he usually understands me. This time I said turn left right here, as he turns right...I laughed. He didn't get it...I said "turn left, right here." OhhhhhK
it was a good laugh so I still pull it on him when opportunity presents itself, safety first, tho.
Bill worked in the woods with Eric today, cutting and pulling pulp out to sell. I slept another day away with this respiratory thing. I did make him Venison Loins with onions and mushrooms and a Tuna Salad for his supper...and we agreed to continue to love one another. That was our day., a good one.

shirl72 said...

I missed last nights blog busy in
the yard while it was warm. Yard
looks good.

Glad to here Jackie's family
had Studebakers. I will have to
tell her how many we had It was 6 from 38 to 64.

Had a good Valentine went to the
new Cheddars an hour wait so went
to 127 West St. It was good that
is a new one in Lowell, not Mass.

betty said...

I would imagine all the popular spots for restaurants were packed tonight!! Good that you'll spread out the celebrating a bit and head out to Red Lobster next week! WTG on the refund too!!! Sounds like it was a very nice day for the two of you, Jack and Sherry!

Most rainy days we get I seem to be working, which is okay; rather have that and sun on the weekends :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pics. (I could hug the kid looking at the caterpillar!) Instructions sometimes confuse me; they have to be complete and thorough for me.
I have a gift card good for the Red Lobster (or Olive Garden). I will try to cash it in sometime when it's not crowded.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Here it is not the rain that is keeping me indoors, but the cold weather. Snow is predicted for the weekend too. I've had lots of time this winter to get things done, but I haven't accomplished much at all. Soon spring will come then I'll get busy. My favorite place is Red Lobster too. Sorry you didn't get there, but still Bob Evans isn't bad either. I stayed home and babysat while my Daughter and her hubby went out. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Glenda said...

Not quite 7 a.m. in Lake Park, coffee cup ready, reading about that breakfast has me craving a good old fashioned meal this morning! Nee loves grits/eggs/biscuits. Brought her a couple, dropped in on a buddy in Okeechobee who was rolling out a batch on his counter, ate one warm with habanero jelly...wowsie!!!!

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
They would have loved to have had your prototype potty on that cruise ship!

Paula said...

We had an exciting Valentine's Day. John went to the doctor and had skin cancers removed and I worked on income tax. That's okay I love every day and especially Mondays.

Chatty Crone said...

So teachers depended on you. And you stayed and helped. Got your homework done in class - boy I wish Andy took after you. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! ♥