Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A day trip to Ronks, PA


Of course we travel a lot, so we are tourists. We just take our home with us, sorta like a Turtle. This time the coach is parked 1/2 way between NYC and Ronks, PA.


There was a time I did not know anything about big cities except their name. We were in Philly and Sherry said, “you promised to take me to NYC someday.” I said, “Ok, let’s go. We drove into NYC around 4:30-5PM thru the Holland Tunnel I believe.”


Suffice to say here, this hick did not know there were that many cars in the world, and as a friend would say, “Everyone wanted to be where I was!” Believe me the horns work on cars in NYC. They blow if you stop and blow if you go, traffic lights seem to mean very little.Once  I was in a lane that said ‘Statin island Ferry’ I did not want to go there……..  Anyway We did get out, SO I WAS NOT GOING BACK this time.



So we opted for Ronks and the Play, “MOSES”.


I did not understand one word that was said in the play, but I did enjoy it (since I do know the story). Sherry thoroughly enjoyed it, music, dialog and special affects.


What I enjoyed were the Special affects. When we saw Jonah, the scene of the boat being tossed around by the waves and the seamen throwing old Jonah over the side was realistic. I wondered how they could depict the red sea opening up. I was not disappointed. You could see the rolling  blue waves (some kind of blue fabric with a pulsating fan beneath) and then the wind started and blew the water into 30-50 foot walls of blue water.

As it was happening, and  before we realized it, the audience was in the Red sea with the walls of blue water on both sides and then Moses and the Israelites walked thru.  I liked it. There were many more special affects, but that was the one I was looking for.


The pictures are of the PA country side. Do you know the yellow crop?  What about the Barn ventilation below. Sections of the siding are hinged at the top and a long opening is effected when opened at the bottom. Close to the road, huh?TO  RONKS 027

Now the yellow crop? some of you guess It I am sure, tobacco, about ready to harvest.

As we rode I guessed they chopped the whole stalk to hang to dry, but my Sherry (who has done this as a kid a couple times) said , no each leaf is stripped and hung on a hook to dry.

Thanks for coming along.

Nite Shipslog


Check out the bikes at the RV next door. I never did see tires this big on a bike:




After the play Sherry took me to the Red Lobster (MMM cheese biscuits) for supper. This White 1949 (?) ?Chevy deluxe Fleetline was parked out front. Beautiful.



betty said...

That must have been a great production of Moses! That parting of the Red Sea to include the audience sounds impressive! I think I would have enjoyed it!



Sounds like a wonderful play. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

Paula said...

Very interesting entry. "Moses" sounds great. Like those tires on that bike and that building so close to the street.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That show must have been impressive. Special effects like that would be something to see. I love cheesy biscuits too ! Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Rain, rain and more rain here.

Unknown said...

I wonder if the barn is close to the road or whether the road is close to the barn. When the road was used by slow mules clip-clopping along, it might not have seemed too close, or perhaps it wasn't as close--maybe it was broadened or maybe a curve was straightened out when the road was paved. Interesting to speculate.
I don't think I've ever seen a barn ventilated like that. I'm curious as to whether there is a crank inside to open more than one vent at once or whether each has to be opened manually or whether they might have the thermostatically controlled openers like some greenhouses.

It must have been neat to be in the middle of the Red Sea.

Glenda said...

Great pics, love that ventilated barn idea! Had never seen tobacco, it's a pretty plant, beautiful country up there!!!

shirl72 said...

Glad you enjoyed the play. I don't
think I have ever seen tobacco
growing the fields are beautiful.
You and Sherry are having to much
fun..We are having rain in the
afternoons and then sun. It has
been hot but Mon. will cool off.
80's..and that is cool.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you 2 are having a wonderful time! Love the tires on the bike! We reached 100 degrees today in N. Fl !