Sunday, August 10, 2014

After hours Window Shopping, A thing of the Past


I was about five years old that I remember my first window shopping trip. We lived in the community of High Shoals, NC. The closest town was Lincolnton. I remember it because it was such an oddity, it was Sunday afternoon. Usually Dad was around the parsonage and church, we had church on Sunday night.


After eating Sunday ‘dinner’ (lunch), Dad drove to Lincolnton and parked on the street in town and we went about looking in store windows. Of course Shirl and I ran ahead. I do not remember much except the Jewelry stores.



I know there were at least two maybe three. I remember because each one had action in the window. One was a jewelry box with a dancing couple on top and music. How fascinating to a boy.


Another had a very small electric train going around the window with the coal car and a open box car loaded with diamonds (OK they were probably glass), but it was impressive. A train delivering diamonds or operating off diamonds.


I was fascinated by the mannequins, how the arms and heads could be turned for affect. The children’s mannequins were like big dolls.

In our travels Sherry and I have been known to window shop in small towns. Window shopping is getting harder and harder to do. Folks do not have time and most stores do not display interesting stuff in the windows.


The saddest thing about that particular  past time, is the closed, boarded-up, papered-over windows. Gone out of business, etc.  That is progress of course. Now the big box stores have made window shopping outmoded, now we shop INSIDE were the manager wants you to touch, feel and plan (maybe dream) and charge the merchandise while the mood is there.


Did you ever window shop on the streets? Or are you too young?Smile Me thinks folk still window shop, but in malls.

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Window shopping is another way of day dreaming.



This one has me puzzled, maybe a 1954 Merc?


Sheila Y said...

I remember when my little hometown had a lot of stores downtown. Now, not so much. It's sad. Seems I remember Western Auto had a big Santa in the window at Christmas, probably with toys around him. We also had a pharmacy near Piggly Wiggly that had a Christmas village in the window. It wasn't downtown though, and the Pig isn't there anymore...Grocery outlet is in it's place. Pharmacy build a new place across the road many years ago. But it was a great little town to grow up in. Thanks for bringing back memories. Take care, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember window shopping. It was like seeing a preview of the store before entering. Shoe stores had all the current styles and the prices in the window. And if the prices were too high, I wouldn't bother going in. I miss the stores in our downtown area. They all went out of business for the most part years ago when they built our mall.

betty said...

One of the places we used to walk Koda was in the downtown area of the town we live in. As it was night, most of the stores were closed, but I did enjoy window shopping. Lots of bridal types of stores so it was fun to look at the dresses on display. Lots of jewelry stores here take their expensive pieces off display at night, afraid to get the windows broken; that is sad I think!


Mevely317 said...

How I'm enjoying this array of photos, Jack!
Growing up, my little town was so small I don't recall any pretty storefronts.
Someday I'd like to visit Chicago or NYC around Christmastime and take my good old time wandering from storefront to storefront.

Chatty Crone said...

I was born and raised in Chicago and we would go every single Christmas downtown and look at the windows - I had forgotten!!! Thanks for reminding me of some pleasant memories.


I went window shopping in downtown Pittsburgh and Chicago once upon a time. Lovely sights, indeed.

Paula said...

We would get a ride (my mama didn't drive)to San Antonio to walk up and down Houston street looking in windows. My mama could remember the clothes she saw and would go home and sew things for us that was in style without spending a lot. I don't think people go to downtown San Antonio anymore except the tourist.

shirl72 said...

When I moved to Charlotte we would
go uptown and window shop.
Christmas was always a treat. As
Ma said I loved the shoe store windows with the new styles and price on the shoes. That was so much fun. Didn't you and JP go downtown Valdese and watch TV in Furniture Store. What good old days.