Saturday, August 16, 2014

Smile, laugh, You don’t have to BE A Titanic and sing as you sink!


You can bail the water and smile… Mama told me once that a frog cannot hop or jump while it is in the water. It must paddle around until it finds a place to climb out. She was churning at the time and said if a frog fell into this milk, he couldn’t get out. BUT if he could paddle enough until it made butter then it could climb up on the butter and jump out (an old story but when you are 5 you don’t know it.).



So if you are ever are in a bad situation keep on trying, don’t give up, you might make your own mound to jump from.

Mamas were the super heroes before THE super heroes were here.  They know most everything.  Remember the Santa song? He knows when you are sleeping he knows when you are awake, HE knows when you’ve been bad or Good so be good for goodness sake.”

That is fantasy until  you add an ‘S’ in front of every ‘he’, then you will have a truism instead of fantasy.


In the summer we did not have a swimming pool nor a creek close by, but she could take a water hose and make more fun than folks could imagine today. She could even hold it right and magically produce a rainbow using the sun.


No candy? Mama could make a sugar biscuit that was better than candy.


Or a hot biscuit with butter and brown sugar in it.

Wanna be grown up and have coffee? Mama could sweeten the coffee just right and let us soak a biscuit in it, the was ‘Soakies’.

Wash days she put white clothes in blue water and they dried REALLY WHITE. And I don’t care how many wild onions you ate, she could still tell you had been smoking rabbit tobacco!

We made a lot of car trips in my child hood. I don’t think daddy ever heard, “Are WE There Yet?” With mama, you counted cows, each person was assigned a side. When you passed a grave yard on your side, and your opponent called it,  you had to bury your cows and start all over. If your opponent didn’t see the grave yard you didn’t have to bury them. So she taught us the art of misdirection. “Wow, look over here, is that an ELEPHANT?” As dad sped by a grave yard on Shirl’s side.

She could make up words. ‘Whirlywhicemwhackum’.  Her best word was Loblolly,  it was a fried breakfast food (bacon grease old bread water and salt and pepper) when there were no grits, ham or eggs, and we loved it because it was a game and that was magic food.

Paula described her mama’s sewing, my mama was like that. Sew anything!

Mama was on my mind. Paula and Bonnie both mentioned their mamas lately.

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Mamas are magic, there are only a few exceptions.



Both are early 1930’s, I think the lower one is a ‘32 Ford. (possibly ‘34)



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your mother was a super hero for sure and you were blessed to have her. Wonderful memories in your post today.

shirl72 said...

We did have a wonderful Mother. I remember when I was helping with the dishes and I broke the handled off of a cup. I said "I am so sorry" Mother just picked one up and dropped it on the floor. I said "Oh Mother" and she said they are just things. What a lesson people are more important than things. That was our Mother and everybody loved her. I still hear comments today "Your Mother was wonderful person".

Paula said...

Lots of nice memories here. You mentioned no swimming pool or creek. We didn't have either so when it rained and It did back then, we played in a large mud puddle down the street and we never got sick.

betty said...

I love the game about the cows and the grave yards, that would surely make it interesting taking long car rides! Your Mama was a great one, Jack!!


Mevely317 said...

Your mom sounds like a delightful lady, Jack ... with a great imagination!
Thanks for sharing these simple pleasures, so I might smile along!

Rose said...

Sounds like all of our mamas were alike. Cooking and sewing and cleaning and telling cute stories.

I remember the hose to keep cool in the summer. No, we didn't have a pool either. LOL

Hugs to my favorite couple!


mama's are special indeed.