Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Limitations, Stress and knowing yourself (Filed from the Poconos)

Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be content with what you have. Doris Mortman (from MA’s blog)


I have a friend, Wayne Hodge, who said to me, “Jack, I had to admit to myself I was a late bloomer. I was never a good ‘boss’ until I realized I was ‘easy’, it is just my nature. Now I am able to tell my subordinates when there is a problem, ‘look, I know I am easy’, but I am NOT that easy, I cannot let you  get away with taking advantage of our friendship.”

Potty training at its best!

(Some people take longer than others)

Wayne was always friends with his troops, he finally learned what I personally had to learn . A good boss cannot appear to have favorites, although everyone does.


(Nobody likes me since I became the boss!)

Some folk are promoted to administration that cannot do it. They are good workers, but cannot LEAD. We all want to be liked, but a leader or boss will not ALWAYS be liked, or be one of the guys. Many times the old axiom raises it head:“they have been  promoted to their highest level of incompetence.” WE HAVE ALL SEEN IT.


Some leaders have nervous breakdowns because the weight is too heavy.  Stress is not limited to the every day guy and gal, it effects everyone from the ditch digger to the President of the USA. Handling stress is the key.Surprised smile

Do I know the answer, heck no, there are situations in our ‘tranquil life’ that drives me bonkers, until I read or pay attention a wise man who said, “Which of you can add an hour to your life by worrying?”

But as I related to my Sherry, I  bet we can take an hour (or MORE) off our lives by worrying.

One of the best workers and partners I have ever had was my son Mark. I smile to think of the times I have bought a lot and we laid out the house on the dirt. He would call the backhoe man, inspectors and concrete company  and schedule them for the same day. (I could NEVER do that.) I completed one job before starting another.

He was laid back.


Mark left me and formed his own construction Company with my blessings. He HAD it all before he was 45, Family, acreage, three homes paid for, land and equipment. (HAD being the operative word)

BUT along life’s way, HE LOST HIS WAY.  Thank the Lord, he seems to be finding himself now. BUT that has been a long curvy, down hill ride and the source of much WORRY. Looking back at what I WORRIED and STRESSED over, none of my anguish helped. I just wanted to escape!

help in the escape

I smile at myself at the times I said, ‘It is in the Lord’s hands’. Only to find myself within hours mentally trying to FIX things AGAIN.

I hope you have a STRESSLESS day!YEAH!

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I hope you are better at handling the ‘worrying’ part than I. I bet a dance would help us all.




This WAS a VW methinks, before some dreamer customized it.


Paula said...

Yes I bet a dance would help us all. When John and I danced we were healthy. I'm guilty too---put it in the Lord's hands and then go right on with the worry.

Rose said...

This Post touched my heart.

shirl72 said...

I guess the name of the game is
worry, who me worry. We all are
guilty of trying to fix things. I
think I am getting better not
spending much time worrying.

I am worried about the baby that
is pushing the other one through the door opening. If the baby succeeds
then what, so I will worry.

Lucy said...

I think It is a problem to deal out to others that are supposed to take the worry on themselves. I have been on the phone to first the health people in regard to the trashy pink house, Then to another number to report her weeds that are as tall as I am, then on to the street maintenance to fix the block long 3 ft. "pothole" wide that runs in front of our house. Finger is tired from punching out the numbers.

Chatty Crone said...

Is there such a thing as a stress-less day? lol

I did enjoy looking at the cute kids - they always make me smile.

The more I think the more confused I get too!

I dance in my dreams!

~mel said...

<---- I don't know where I'm going ---- but I know I'm on my way ---->

betty said...

All cute pictures of the kids; loved the one with the one shoving the other one out the pet door, LOL.

I'm a worrier so I give to God and take back from God, though I know we aren't suppose to worry.

I also know I could not be a leader. I like being a worker bee, would not want to be the queen bee :)



LOVE that first quote you used. And that little dancer is cute as pie.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Worry is something we've all done for sure, but it is like sitting in a rocking chair, we get no where. There have been many times that I've turned my worries over to the Lord. When things seem impossible, He can make them possible once more. I've learned to be content with what I have and to be very thankful for it. Believe me when I say that some lessons are not easily learned.