Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mail Call

(We are on the road headed for Stroudsburg, PA)

(Pictures from across the country)

In the military one of the most anticipated time of the day or week was the words, “Mail Call”.  when I first joined the service, a Sargent would stand in front of a platoon and callout names on the envelopes. At times he would hold out the letter for the recipient, others he would ‘sail’ it. At those times he would yell “AIR MAIL”(for a laugh). The letter would be caught and passed  along.


(Datona Beach)

None of the callers could resist smelling a letter and saying, “Jones, she sure smells nice!”  Or something like that.  or  “Hey troops, Pfc Thompson has a letter from TRISH, and it is sealed with a kiss.”

No one cared, all we wanted was THAT special letter. In the infantry you never knew when there would be a mail call, but on the Aircraft Carrier, when a mail plane landed, the word spread like wild fire.  Every division had a ‘Mail Petty Officer’ he was the only one allowed to sign for the mail for the division. Therefore when a mail plane landed, everyone urged the mail PO to go get in line.


(ST. Louis, MO)

Most of you are used to checking the mail every day.  In our case we usually call for mail every two weeks. We get the mail two or three days after Sherry calls it in.


There have been a few mix ups, but, they were always resolved with no loss of mail. This call was one of those. Most RV parks will no longer accept mail, so we usually have it sent General Delivery to a small town PO near by.

Manatees andCONRADS 004

(Huge Manatee, Dunnellen, FL)

Sherry checked here and they did accept mail. We checked the office and they said, you can walk out to the mail box after two o’clock and see if it has arrived. Soooo we walked out to the mail box. IT IS A LITTLE STANDARD MAIL BOX. No way our box of mail is going to be delivered there.

We knew they would leave a notice to pick it up at the PO. One problem. We never know if they are sending it UPS< USPS> or FedEx. They send it the most reasonable. So Sherry called. I was sent USPS Priority mail. the tracking # is..xxxx. the mail service said it was attempted yesterday, no suitable receptacle, please check PO. We had one more day in Massachusetts, that was pushing it close. But we did get the mail.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 020

(Riverwalk, San Antonio)

Thanks for stopping by. This is already too long or I would tell of a couple times where the mix up was worse.

Nite Shipslog


Most of our mail is not time sensitive since most bills are paid online or drafted.



1950’s Lead Sled..Looks like a Caddilac with a Chevy grill.


Unknown said...

I always like to check the mail. I keep hoping that I've won a sweepstakes or something.
The internet has changed communications in such a dramatic way. So much "mail" is electronic these days.

shirl72 said...

I think it is always a surprise
when you get your mail..I am
disappointed when I check and
don't get any. I don't get as much
junk mail as in the past. Thank

Chatty Crone said...

So where is your mail held waiting to be sent to you?

Woody said...

Be interested to know how you do get your mail while traveling, I thought about going to UPS Store and setting up an account in Okeechobee, trouble is they wont do it over the phone!!!
Take Care and Safe Travels!!
sending love and best wishes from:
Gary and Anna Mae


You never know how important the mail is until you don't get it.

betty said...

Seems like you and Sherry have a great way to get the mail delivered, if the system works ;)


Paula said...

Mail is the one thing I wouldn't like living the way you and Sherry do. Mail has always been the high light of my day. Back in the 50's it was delivered twice a day to our small town. People gathered in the posttoffice while the mail was being put in the boxes. So mail delivery served another purpose. Gossip

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got your mail delivery. It would be difficult when traveling the way you two do. I am guessing you are well on your way by now and on the road again. It's beautiful weather in Ohio right now for a few days so I'm hoping you are having some too.

Cindi said...

Our Eldest favorite thing in the world has always been checking the mail. The delivery people get a kick out of it too...He usually meets them outside, chats up a storm with Safe travels....oh, I luv the San Antonio Pic, that Riverwalk is so fun...thx for sharing

Mevely317 said...

Every now and then I still grow nostalgic for those days when I was permitted to run get the mail. Or, in summer camp when we'd gather round a counselor who'd read names aloud. (I always felt so sorry for anyone whose name wasn't called.)

These days we (maybe) check our mailbox every 2 weeks -- then wind up throwing out 90% of it.

Rose said...

I'm sure getting your mail can get tricky for deliveries as you guys are constantly on the road.

I wish I would get less junk mail. It would save some trees for sure.

I have requested to opt out of some of the needless mail I get but it continues to come.

Looking forward to your next destination and more pictures.

Hugs to my favorite couple!