Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A great time in life….

(Pictures are from Maine, mostly near the coast)

I am sure you remember the time when self service tanks came into use. You drove up to the tank, reset the meters and pumped the amount of gas you wanted, then went inside to pay. You left your keys in the ignition, sometimes the door open.  NEVER once thinking about driving off without paying or worrying that someone was going to STEAL your car. That was life in our home town up to the late 60’s.

Sherrys phone 23sept12 336

In every  trip to the small towns of Mid America and the north east I have found the same respect and trust. Remember the Coach fill up I put on the blog, $340 or so. That I pumped then went inside to pay.

Sherrys phone 23sept12 353

In the past couple years Sherry has treated herself to having her nails done. She deserves it and it it sort of a treat. She usually finds a place in Walmart to get it done. Not so in the back woods of Maine. After looking in the Paper mill towns of Rumsford & Mexico  I pulled over at a small sign: “Paradise Full Service Beauty Parlor”, (out back).

Sherrys phone 23sept12 359

I told Sherry I would sit and wait for her, she walked up the little alley and disappeared. I sat there people watching  when I spied a lady in a black smock walking towards the car. I had never seen this lady, smiling, she said, “Hi Jack,” like she was a cousin, “Sherry is going to get her hair and nails done, she said pick her up in about an hour.”

Sherrys phone 23sept12 364

We spoke for a minute and she left.  In a few minutes she came back, inviting me in. I said I need to locate a Radio Shack, I will be back.

Sherrys phone 23sept12 369

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 001

(The power from these falls power the paper mill)

I finished my running, took some pictures of the water falls and went back and waited. It was closer to 2 hours, but who cares. Out comes Sherry and another lady in a smock. I got out of the car and the girl grabs and hugs me. “My name is Sherry too.”

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 005

(Lots of logging trucks around paper mills)

Then she went on and on about how much fun she and MY Sherry and had.  Hey, now they both knew everything about each other; exchanged phone numbers, etc.

Sherrys phone 23sept12 357

That is the small town I remember. There are so many places we go I say, I wish I was from here. Moving to a place like Rumsford is not like being raised there, so it would never be the same.

Sherrys phone 23sept12 372

But it is something to enjoy and know that there are folks who still live and trust like we did in Belmont, NC in 1960’s.

My observations for today. Glad you could come along.

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Imma tell you, my girl is beautiful after leaving her hair dresser. She is always so, but in her mind it is different, she shines. I am glad she has reached a time when she can treat herself.



A 1950’s Mercury Customized. This type of car was used in “Rebel Without A Cause” starring James Dean


Rose said...

Those were the great days when things were simple and people were trustworthy. Unfortunately, those days are gone in most areas.

Glad you are enjoying Maine.

When I go visit my kids, they always take me to Maine and Vermont as it is a short drive from Massachusetts.

I like to be pampered with a manicure now and then.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Chatty Crone said...

We didn't have to worry about our kids being outside and safe either did we? I remember those days too.

betty said...

How neat Sherry found such a delightful shop to get her hair/nails done! It is nice to know friendly places still exist out there! Great shots of the scenery too! Another great place to visit!


Mevely317 said...

This tale has me smiling from ear to ear! Of all the 'joints' in this Country how lucky the two Sherry's chose the same one!

PS - All these years later, I still sorely miss full-service 'filling stations.'

shirl72 said...

I do miss the good ole days.
They were wonderful, talk, visit,
and just have fun and not worry
about things. Glad Sherry got
what she wanted to get done.
I am going to tell Reccee-cup she
had her hair done. hee hee...


Those old fashioned filling stations had real help for your vehicle if you needed it. Now everything is do it yourself. How great that Sherry met a new friend and got her hair and nails done to boot.

Paula said...

Where did those full service filling stations go? I sure could have used them after Mel died.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you found such a nice place and some wonderful people. It is nice to be pampered and Sherry does deserve it!

It is getting rarer and rarer to find that. Our town used to be like that. No longer though. There are some good people, but I'd never leave my keys in the car with the door open and walk away. Sad state of being but undeniable.