Thursday, August 28, 2014

George Washington

That name is well known in the USA.  We call him the father of our country.  Many years after his death his friend Thomas Jefferson wrote of him that his judgment was impeccable, his ability to accept a person for what he was, not expect any more or less of the man than he was able to give, was unbelievable (my interpretation of Jefferson’s words).

I was always under the impression that George Washington’s family came from England, wealthy but that is not the case. John was from a family of ‘preachers’ (my words), John’s father was once high in the ‘church’ but was stripped (church politics) of his title and began ministering to the poor.
John Washington
John invested what he had in a ship (ketch) that sailed from England to the colonies to pick up tobacco. There was a disagreement with the captain and John remained in the colonies.
From wikipedia:
While first in Virginia, Washington stayed at the house of Col. Nathaniel Pope, a plantation owner. During this stay, he fell in love with his host's daughter Anne.
After his marriage to Anne Pope and the wedding gift from Anne's father of 700 acres (2.8 km2) on Mattox Creek in Westmoreland County of the ‘Northern neck’. Washington became a successful planter. He depended on the labor of slaves and indentured servants to cultivate tobacco and kitchen crops. He was selected for the Virginia House of Burgesses and became a politician in the colony.
(This tree shaded road leads to John’s burial spot)
John was George Washington’s Great grandfather. So the marriage is where the wealth came in. Being very industrious John continued to expand his holdings.  So George was born into wealth, but not from his European Ancestors.

Anyway that is how the Washington family got to America.  George was born on a plantation here on or near the Potomac.  He lived here until he was 7 years old. His mother Mary Ball(second wife of the Widower Augustine Washington.) He had two brothers and a sister by Augustine’s first wife Jane Butler. Nearest I can remember now was ten children to Augustine and his wives.
(A miniature Washington monument marks George’s Birthplace)

I do remember (from reading of course) that Augustine died when George was 12 and he lived back and forth with his mother and his older siblings, a common custom in England and brought to the USA, we used to do that ourselves. 
My Uncle Ralph (one of Dad’s 11 siblings) lived with us and others in the family for many years.  Did it happen in your family? 
I think it is well reported that  George Washington had loving parents and family.  What better choice to be called the Father of Our Country. One of the stories remembered most was the terrible suffering and winter in Valley Forge where he personally visited the troops and encouraged them.
History lesson for today from the Virginia Plantation area where George Washington was born. Five generations are buried here at his birthplace.
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PS: (continuing the lived sermons, a quote)
Today, my father told me, “Just go for it and give it a try! You don't have to be a professional to build a successful product. Amateurs started Google and Apple. Professionals built the Titanic.”
The first car ever on Pennsylvania Ave, 1896


Rose said...

I enjoyed this post and it's piece of interesting history.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Another interesting post. I don't remember reading much about where George Washington's family came from. It would be wonderful to see his birthplace.

Unknown said...

I have an Uncle Ralph also.

Good info on George Washington.

I love the picture of the car. You can almost feel the pride and responsibility felt by the driver and all the admiration and fascination of the entourage of boys who are watching and following along.

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I haven't done a lot of traveling but Mt. Vernon was one of the places I've been that I enjoyed the most. Interesting post.

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I enjoyed that -

It is funny - Andy's year long project is a genealogy booklet - you reminded me of that!

I liked old Geroge.


I don't remember this history on George Washington. So it was nice reading about his family.

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Have to echo the above; maybe had the history, but certainly wasn't this colorful, enjoyed the story!

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So is he buried on his plantation? Seems to me I thought he was buried at Mount Vernon? I remember (I think) seeing his grave there. He did seem like a good pick for our first president!


shirl72 said...

You are bringing up a lot of History
that we learned in School. I wonder if it is taught in school today.

I have more of George in my Wallet
than other Presidents but they
spend just the same just takes
more.. Thanks for my History lesson