Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yep, On the Road AGAIN


Thursday August 21st in the year of our Lord 2014 we should be en-route from the Poconos to Colonial Beach, on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.  It is a fairly good distance for us, about 300 miles.  We will go THROUGH Philadelphia, then Baltimore (OUCH), Skirt Washington DC on   US 301 and into Virginia.


Most likely this will be our last time in this area. The traffic is a little heavy for a person my age.  I look forward to getting south of DC, there is less traffic all round.


Most drivers are courteous but the speed limits seem not to be important anymore.  I think that stems from what I was told as young driver, “You are pretty safe from a ticket as long as you stay 5mph or less OVER the limit.”  I really believe that was true back then, but now it seems that 10-15mph over the limit is becoming the norm. 15-20 is not even unusual. (many drive 85 in a 65).

Folks who have never been in an accident do not know how fast they happen. People still pass me going in excess of 70mph and are texting. We have the attitude, ‘It cannot happen to me’ mentality, BUT IT CAN.

Speaking  of which, so many things in life I never thought would happen to us or in our families or that of close friends:

…… Arguments over inheritances no matter how small. (So far not in our immediate families)  but has in the extended family.

……Drug addictions (OUCH)


……Suicide (1st cousin)

……Death by auto accident (1st cousin)


And then there were things that happened to fulfill hopes:

…. becoming a General contractor.

….having good health

….owning our homes and be able to pay the taxes.

…..growing old together as a couple.

…..Seeing the Yukon, Alaska, Hawaii, London, Athens, Istanbul, Nova Scotia (over 26 countries), All 50 states and the list goes on and also continues..

scans GITMO 022


The Positive things I did not dream of:


(Some are clowns)

….Wonderful Grand kids, All of them great and good citizens. Even some on the Dean and Chancellor's Lists.

…Great Grand Daughters that are a JOY to be around.


…The possibilities to travel anywhere we want to go and about anytime. (but we must be home for marriages and graduations Surprised smileWinking smile)

It is not possible to trade things that have happened, but if I could, I would trade ALL the positive things that have happened to ME, if it were possible to RID the past of Drugs and Divorce in our families.

But since that is impossible, we will live for the day and dream.  Accept what is dealt and pray that the damage caused by Drugs and Divorce will eventually be healed.

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I try to think positive.



Another Street Rod form the 1930’s


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We seem to have no choice as far as what comes in our lives. I have the good and the bad, thankfully more good. I guess it is all how we handle it that counts. I don't like traffic would agree most folks go faster than the speed limits. I often wonder what the big hurry is. Hope you make it through just fine. I like life in the slow lane, but that is getting harder to find.

Paula said...

You're feeling serious today. Yes bad things happen to all of us but we have to go on and pray for the best. I'm so glad you and Sherry are able to go on and do what you like. We are doing what we like too, even though it is very different then what you and Sherry like.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Great travels my friends...

shirl72 said...

You are right about people driving
fast. The accidents even happen
on roads here..We have 3 head
on collision between here and
Gastonia, I'm sure they are texting.

Jack you have had more good that bad. About time for you to get
off the road and settled down
but still enjoy your Florida Trips. Maybe we can all just move there.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack if we live long enough they are going to be lots of bad things and lots of good things that will happen in our lives - it is a part of it. Hopefully the bad will teach us lessons and the good we will be grateful for!

Woody said...

I loved fishing the Chesapeak Bay area, caught a lot of Trophy Trout there. Hoping you 2 are enjoying being as Willie says, "On The Road Again" !!
Love from the North Country.....
Gary % Anna Mae

betty said...

Hopefully by now, Jack and Sherry, you have reached your destination and had safe travels! I think all families have the good and the bad in them, we can only hope the patterns of the bad don't go to subsequent generations, right?



In life we have to take the good with the bad and pray it all works out in the end.