Saturday, August 9, 2014

Some Interesting sites, some Beautiful Sites and beautiful people.

(We just recently arrived in the Poconos, no pictures from here yet, although we did backpack thru here a few years ago)

We sit and watch our screen savers. some times(both monitors show our picture collection) we sorta play a game Identifying Where and what. She always looks at the date on the picture. I look for content. as they flash by 4-8 seconds apiece. I love it.

detroit 010detroit 027

Ford Hq. on the left General Motors on the right.

detroit 017

Detroit Skyline


Inside the SOO Locks connecting Lake’s Michigan and Superior.


Under the famous Mackinac Bridge connecting Lower Michigan to the Upper peninsula.


On Mackinac Island, no motor vehicles allowed by law.


Across the Upper Peninsula I caught this picture. Below the Yoopers Tourist Trap sign there is a great old car, ‘54 or 55 Buick Century converted into a snow plow. OUCH.  We didn’t know Cher at the time, but we musta passed close to her & Thom’s house.


Ah, met these fine folk, that is my buddy Sy on the right. (Grown now)


They called him SLIM, I didn’t argue, I didn’t even joke about him being nearly bald.


Also met this lady and fell in love (with her Quilt)  With her also!!

concrete park 022concrete park 023concrete park 025concrete park 028concrete park 030

These from The Concrete Park, Phillips, WI. Some of these 230 figurines are corny, some childish, some neat, but all actually works of art. Concrete and things picked up off the highway broken glass and bottles all hand formed by one man,Fred Smith. You must see it to realize the work involved in putting this together, he was 62 yrs young when he started in 1948.

We may continue on this trip. I was just seeing some and wanted to show them.

Nite Shipslog


JacksonHOLE TETONS 044

That same year, we crossed the Tetons from Idaho into Jackson Hole.



Beautiful 1956 Ford customized the continental  kit was a biggie.


Paula said...

You folks "get around" don't you? Enjoyed the photos.

Mevely317 said...

I'd not thought of Mackinac Island in ages! I think it was '65, my dad took us all on a Great Lakes cruise and we had occasion to visit the Grand Hotel. A whole 'nother world!

I think this picture of you against the Grand Tetons is the best yet! (I couldn't help noticing the time stamp - lovely spot in which to spend time reflecting.)

Chatty Crone said...

Enjoyed your pictures. Liked the Detroit skyline I have never seen it before. And my favorite is of you and Sherry - in the middle of that circle rock!

betty said...

I'd like to visit that concrete village. The picture of you and Sherry is priceless!

Must be fun to go back and look at the pictures and remember the fun times of the places you have seen!


shirl72 said...

You and Sherry have been around and
seen the world. I Like Hawaii
and Marco Island Fl. some of the places I have been. They was a
tornado in Kauai Island where we
stayed in Hawaii. Glad it didn't happen while we were there... Enjoyed seeing the pictures..

Back Porch Writer said...

Enjoyed the pics. I've never been to Detroit. I guess this is the time of year to go huh? Serious snow up that way sometimes. Ya'll be safe!


Spent many a day and night in the Detroit suburbs. LOVE that picture of you and Sherry by the archway on Mackinac Island.

Rose said...

Loved every one of these pictures! Keep them coming. It makes me feel like I'm traveling too. Nice feeling!

Hugs to my favorite couple!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love seeing where you have been. I've never seen the Poconos so I'm hoping you share some pictures of them. We may have some rain today they say. Hope you all are enjoying great weather as you travel.

~mel said...

Jack & Sherry ~ I truly treasure your friendship and kind words :) Hugs & Love ~mel