Friday, August 22, 2014

Gesundheit, Bless you….


I was raised under a rock. Never tasted  Pizza nor did I see one until I was 16. I thought the only spaghetti was made by Chef-Bor-RDEE in a can. I was 17 before I EVER heard the word gesundheit.  When I did I had no idea why it was said, or what it meant. Around our house if you sneezed you  said, sorry or excuse me.  We didn’t speak German.Smile. They sure didn’t teach it in school at Burlington, Albemarle , Valdese nor Belmont.  But I have learned and now I can say ‘Bless you’, at a sneeze.

So when I see on the news that a high school senior with good grades and reputation (in Tennessee no less), is suspended from class for saying, “Bless you” when her class mate sneezed, I wonder WHAT? now that isn’t politically correct?


So on my upset list is the reinforcement that money/position talks. You may remember last year in Texas a teen was drunk and ran down and killed 4 people, I believe. His lawyer used for the kids defense the word ‘Affluenzza’, the results on children born to rich parents, no controls and given the feeling of entitlement. Anyway the kid was sentenced to 10 years probation.(4 deaths)

Today a lady in Texas, guilty of one death by vehicle will be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, you see, her parents had no ‘position’ and were not rich.  We all know this is a fact, but it still chaffs.


My heart hurt also this week, my mind said, “This is the lowest humans can stoop.” That was when the two adults took the Amish kids from their road side stand and sexually molested them & planned to make them slaves.


I have stopped at several Amish stands. Those kids are always such a joy, and exude happiness; and to think that now, there may be a ‘FEAR’ that says, ‘NOT SAFE”. It hurt me.

Lighter: Oh, but now I am scared. A new report from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia suggests that if the guests number more than 150 at your marriage, the  happier and longer your marriage will last. (They know that in 5 yrs?)

Oh crap, are we in trouble. We have only made it 57 years so far, I hope Sherry doesn’t read that, we had less than 20 including the Justice of the Peace and his wife!



(We wondered what this was, it is in an industrial park)

We made it to Colonial Beach, Virginia. I did not get lost once and the tolls were ONLY about $50.00!


(Key Bridge toll $12)

                  is (3)

I’m not complaining really, I don’t like paying tolls,  but I did get in the correct lanes and we made it safe. We also got the chance at Baltimore to cross the Frances Scott Key bridge. Built near where he was inspired to write our national anthem.  Neat.

Nite Shipslog



(Above is the bridge coming into Virginia $18 toll)

But Virginia is where we are now.


Sister Shirl and her hubby Jim lived in Bel Air, Maryland for awhile, so I yelled “hello to Shirl’s friends” as we passed thru.

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This must be another ‘50’s Merc. I see a nice ‘53/’54 Xhevy behind.


Chatty Crone said...

It is just for that reason I try not to listen to the news - it is soooo ridiculous. It is a lot about the money I am afraid.

You and Sherry will do fine!!! You already have my friend.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the news is very depressing these days, but I remember my Grandmother saying that when I was a little girl so guess it is not just these days! Enjoy your travels! I enjoy reading about them!

shirl72 said...

I think I am going to have to stop
watching the news. It is all bad
and so sad.

Glad you said Hello to my frieds
when you passed through Bel Air.
Like the pictures you put on
this blog.

Woody said...

Glad you made it to Virginia, having a better day today, the Kidnapped Amish girls were only about 45 minutes from where we live, we were shocked and are still shocked as more things come out about this male Nurse and his companion as to what they did, listening to the news it seems like the world is going crazy!!!
you 2 take care.
love from Northern New York
Gary and Anna Mae

Paula said...

I agree with Woody, the world is going crazy. I lived under a rock too. I think I didn't know what pizza was until I was married. I knew what enchiladas were though.

Mevely317 said...

Who's running this asylum anyway?
I never thought I'd shy away from the news (haven't yet!) ... but not sure how long I can continue to chuckle and turn the other cheek at the madness.
Maybe that's what help fuel this whole lopsided system. I dunno; just sometimes I'm glad I won't be around in 50 years to witness what's become of our Country.

PS - Daddy was German, so I'm fond of using Gesundheit -- and "God Bless You" -- particularly in my oh-so-Politically Correct workplace!

Rick Watson said...

Yikes. No one attended our wedding (on the front porch of a double - wide trailer) but the preacher and his wife/ We've been married 40 years :)

betty said...

Interesting study about the number of wedding guests and the couple's happiness. Honestly, when hubby was playing in bands years ago and they did a lot of weddings, if I went along, we would wonder if some of the couples would even make it to their first anniversary or until the wedding was paid off and those were the elaborate well attended ones. Such a silly study I think :) We had about 75 people at ours and it was nice :)

Glad you guys got to your destination, safe, albeit a bit poorer :)



I grew up saying Gesundheit. But pizza didn't come until I was a little older. You and Sherry have a good solid foundation, no matter how many people attended.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The news is very disturbing and makes little sense so I too try to avoid it. Still we need to be aware of what is happening in our world. Glad you made it safely and didn't get lost.

Cindi said...

God bless you. As for when you sneeze in our home. We say chookies. Guess cuz my mom-in law always said it to her babies, I picked it up from her. Blessings from God.

Rose said...

My pasta did not come in a can because I come from a very large Italian family of 12.

Homemade gravy and meatballs and pasta every Sunday! And homemade bread too.

Along with the homemade wine!

I hate watching the News. It depresses me and I find myself changing the channel.

Hugs to my favorite couple.