Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don’t throw things at the smoker!


If you have never been a smoker you do not know how good that cigarette is after a good meal. I have said for a long time, If I could limit myself to three cigarettes or cigarillos a day, I think I would do it, but I can not do that. I was a two pack a day man, and if I tried three a day I know in a month I would be back to 2 packs a day. I have had a few habits in my life and smoking was the one I truly enjoyed.

BUT I did quit. It was a long time before I could actually relax and not want a cigarette. Ok, so today if I was still smoking at that rate I guess I would be spending $35 to $70 a week. WOW, I couldn’t do that. I’m saving money.


An addict will find a way to feed a habit. I remember when cigarettes were 15-17¢ a pack in the stores.  I remember hearing men say, if they reach 35¢ a pack I am quitting. That is easy to say (hard to do). Now with government taxing the smoker to death, just buying them will keep the poor man in the poor house. A habit of two packs a day can be a car payment.

Remember when you could smoke in every room in the hospital except intensive care and where Oxygen was in use?  Now the smoker is relegated to the outhouse. 

I had a good friend who was an alcoholic. When eh drank, everyone drank. BUT when he was on the wagon, you could get sick of the snide remarks about drinking.


Many non-smokers have no sympathy for the smoker. Well I do. I know why these folks smoke.  They don’t do it just to p--- you  off. They say it is my lungs, leave me alone. Yeah I know about second hand smoke.  After I quit I loved it. I got as close to a smoker that I could. HA!

Really we all get along pretty good. The smokers know you hate the smoke and most of them will do their best not to upset the non-smoker.  Yeah, I know you think “he is killing him/herself”, they don’t because they ‘know a man who was 104 and smoked a pack a day’.  They know a non smoker who died at 35. Heck, I used that logic to make me feel better too.

Yeah I know it would be better if no one smoked. But I just read a study that says: “SUGAR IS THE NEXT TOBACCO”.  I can believe that.

Okay, I know we all do the best we can to take care of ourselves. Just don’t throw slurs at folks that you do not know their life or problems.

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I like being tobacco free myself. But I still believe it is a GREAT STRESS “Taker care of’er”.



In the ‘50’s one could not get enough of the Merc customs.

PS2: I am working on a Poconos entry, but it is tough for pictures because of the intense traffic in this tourist driven area.


Mevely317 said...

Oh dang it, Jack ... now I want a cigarette soooooo bad. :)
So many parallels to what you mention!

Well, today marks 300 nicotine-free days -- but ya, I still inhale real deeply and smile when passing a covey of smokers.
Someone who's been 'clean' for 20 years now confided recently: "If I make it to 80 y/o, I promised myself I'd buy a pack." Gosh knows what that will cost him in another 25 years!

Now, wouldn't it be crazy if in another 10 or 20 years science comes out and 'discovers' that nicotine is good for you after all?

Rose said...

I understand it all. As a former smoker, I, too found it very difficult to quit the addiction.

I used Chantix prescription for three months in year 2007.

It was the hardest thing I every gave up. But so happy I did.

So happy you did too!

Hugs, to my favorite couple.

Lucy said...

I smoked "socially" and never got hooked. We were a lot more social in those days and I still never got hooked. As the price went up, I became less social. Joe smokes 2 to 3 a day of those cigar type that are the size of cigarets. He shouldn't because of his heart. He is not allowed to smoke in the house or car, but he has the car. I can smell it.NEVER in front of me. Nothing kept him from it.

betty said...

Never have been a smoker, but I like the smell of a cigarette right when its lit. So true how times have changed; years before you could smoke in restaurants, then they would have smoking/no smoking sections, now no smoking at all. Hubby even recently applied for a job and one of the requirements was he couldn't be a smoker (he's not; he'll have an occasional cigar on a special occasion). They would even test for that.

So true, Jack, we shouldn't judge someone because we don't know what they are dealing with.


salemslot9 said...

Jack = cool

shirl72 said...

I was in Walmart the other at the
materials desk. A young boy was there maybe 16. He took something
out of his pocket and inhaled and
raised his head and blew out smoke. I told him there was no smoking inside the store. He said "I am not smoking" I said "you have one of those electronic cigarettes and I am not dumb I saw the smoke. I ask if they run on batteries he said yes and water was also inside. It was a good
conservation. I never smoked but
when out with friends I would hold one because it looks so cool to flip the ashes and just it, I inhaled once and made me
that was my experience.

shirl72 said...

I left out two words and not going
to delete to correct. You can insert

Paula said...

I am addicted to sugar. When I get off of it I feel so much better. All I have to do is eat one candy bar and that calls for another very soon. Right now I'm on an off period and I was able to tell John not to buy me ten candy bars because they were a bargain at two for a dollar. I've wanted one real bad this afternoon.


My husband quit smoking five years ago but he's got COPD because of his bad habit.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm looking forward to your Poconos entry. Yes, lots of folks are out on vacations before Labor Day comes and school starts. I'm sure there are lots of tourists there and plenty of sights to see too. Hope you are enjoying your stay there.

Chatty Crone said...

I smoked for one year - and now I can't even stand being around someone who smokes - but I will tell you this - I am addicted to sugar.