Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Lawsuit Mentality (Tort conscious)


I have always been a live and let live sort of guy. If I don’t like what someone does, as long as it does not affect me, I try to mind my own business.

If a restaurant or place of business does something that ‘offends me’ (for lack of a better word), I take my business elsewhere.


The famous law suit about McDonalds TOO HOT COFFEE, I hate it that the lady was burned, but for heavens sake if you are driving you must realize you can spill something. Putting hot coffee between your legs (especially for a woman) is far out, most of you ladies worry about stains on your clothes.  Anyway coffee is supposed to be hot.


I was once working in a house in a ghetto part of Charlotte, NC. I had never been in a home that had padlocks on the bedroom doors and refrigerator. Anyway I tripped (did not fall) on my own power cord. Immediately the lady(?) of the house said, “Don’t even think of suing me!”  I was taken aback. It was my clumsiness, my cord, why would I (or anyone) think of bringing a lawsuit.


For years a café in Winston Salem has been giving a 15% discount on each ticket where the customer had given thanks (prayed, made the sign of the cross, etc) before the meal.  No big deal, no advertised discount, just a discount  given because the owner appreciated someone giving thanks over the food.(according to what I have read, I have never been there)


As a rule Sherry and I bow our heads in thanks for our food,it doesn’t effect me if others don’t. Some give thanks with no outward sign. Either way that is their choice. The discount makes no difference to me either way.ritz-carlton-residences-chicago-michigan-avenue-prism-development-chicago-water-district-lawsuit-terra-foundation - Copy

A reporter thought it was news worthy and the story went national and international. Immediately the owner was threatened with law suits one from ‘The Freedom From Religion’ group. IN MY OPINION WE ARE GETTING STIR CRAZY WITH THIS POLITICALLY CORRECT SYNDROME.

saupload_istock_000006568182xsmall1_300x273 - Copy

Now if we ate a café and bowed our heads before the meal and we were asked not to do that, I would not think of a lawsuit. I would  thank them and never come back, in my mind, that is what we (the USA) advertise as FREEDOM. Free enterprise, I thought that  was what it is all about, our right for choice.

signal-hill-david-aleshire-lawsuit - Copy

Getting old, I just do not fit in somehow. My ideas are antiquated.

Thanks for listening to my crying.

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I liked what one little boy said to his mama when chided about not asking a blessing, “This is Grandma’s cooking, she is a great cook, you don’t have to pray over it.”

If you can find me, you can sue me.Surprised smileWinking smile



This must be a 1954 Chevy custom


Unknown said...

We would be much better off without all the *frivolous* lawsuits. I just wish I could convey all the disdain in that word "frivolous" that Mom does. The way she always said it let me know it was something I didn't want to be.


Sometimes lawsuits are warranted. Sometimes they are not. Love the color of that Chevy.

Paula said...

Back in the 50's I never heard of a lawsuit, now it's everywhere. I think some of the TV ads put it in some people's heads to sue about certain things. It makes me hesitate to do some kind deeds.

betty said...

Both hubby and his brother are reluctant to advertise too much on sites that promote musicians for weddings because they are afraid they might be approached by an alternative style wedding (i.e. one that you wouldn't find in the Bible) and they would not want to participate in such event, but they would be afraid then they would be sued if they didn't. Sad, isn't it, that someone can't pick or choose who they do business with without that fear. I guess though lawsuits do keep lawyers in business.


Chatty Crone said...

I agree this country seems sue crazy - and even I worry sometimes if something happens - is someone going to sue me?

Cindi said...

I'm not real sure when things started to change in the name of "fairness". What makes us a Great country was the ability to get along with our differences. There WILL be winners and losers. Not everyone deserves a trophy... Ugh... Keep bowing your head brother. If someone has a problem, may I suggest you ask them to join in prayer.

shirl72 said...

I think the world is up-side-down.
Sue is the name of the game.
That is the way they get money
and not work.

There was a little boy running
in the Church Northex I stopped him and said if you knocked one of
the elder ladies down and she gets
hurt,their family would sue and you would loose everything.. He stopped--that young knows about suing.

Jackie said...

Oh no. You're NOT getting old. And you fit in perfectly!!!
I think you should be President, actually.
You have wisdom.
Love to be here and read your words. We need more like you.
We do.

Lucy said...

I hate to dispute the getting old comment above, but you are getting old, BUT, You are right about "sue" This world is going to heck with all of these things. I am not getting old, I am old and you can tell the way I sacrew up my blog.

Woody said...

Good item, I can relate to being "sued", I think every other person I arrested in my Career sued me, luckily back then they could sue me but not personally, they had to sue the Police Department,

then the ACLU got the courts to allow Police Officers to be sued, lucky for me this was right about the time I retired!!!
take care,
enjoying our 53 degree wet chilly weather.

Mevely317 said...

Yikes, I've missed so much by falling (unintentionally) off the grid!

I sure agree with Shirl's saying, this world's gone upside down. Why, just in the last 10 years I've witnessed give-aways simply to make that individual shut up and go away.
Feeling as tho' one has to behave in a Politically Correct manner is like trying to swallow something smelly and disgusting. (Kidneys come to mind.) I suspect if I were to share my honest views with my (left-leaning) employer - I'd be collecting unemployment.

Suppose the pendulum will ever right itself again?

Rose said...

Love all of your graphics.

Ironically, I worked as an Executive Legal Assistant for over 32 years in Boston.

Stressful yet rewarding. Mostly family law.

Some lawsuits are stupid and some are necessary.

Hugs to my favorite couple.