Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Genealogy, what a trip.

(We are on a road trip today)

I have been working on a book now for a year.  I got the idea when I was trying to remember some of the stuff mama and dad passed on to me. It is funny that you  listen but do not retain well.

Grandma Loyd 1944

So I have most of the book written but want to include some facts and name of the ancestors. Yesterday I actually found a picture of my Granny Loyd on the net. The picture taken just before her death in 1944.  I ran across a picture of my sister also. Oh yes and I found out that my sister Kat’s name was actually Mary Lou Catherine. I never heard the Lou and I thought the Cat was with a ‘K’.

I was looking at some 1850 Census forms and about cracked up, I know this is not funny because it was a serious official federal form. Each person in the home is described on one line of the census form. A block name, age, relation to head of household, etc, the block at the end got me with these choices:

State whether the individual is:

Deaf and DumbBlindInsaneIdioticpauper …or convict.

I refuse to say what was checked by my great grand pa’s name.. Surprised smileWinking smile

We all know Lucy has married royalty from Bohemia, now there is competition, Sherry has a Great great grandfather named: King David Hawes.  So now I have to kiss her………………. ring.

Oh yeah, I found my picture from the 7th grade, Mrs Grill’s room(lower). Also Johnny Reep the guy who picked a fight with me on my first day of school. We became friends.

Jack 7th grad VALDESE - Copy

Digging into this, is fun stuff. I hope I can verify my country of origin, mama always said we were Scot/Irish. Of course she always jokingly claimed kin to the Loyds of London, since her maiden was Loyd.

So I followed suit and claimed Linda Darnell was my cousin.Winking smile

Do you know your families country of origin?

Nite Shipslog


I guess it doesn’t matter where you came from, as long as one is happy, and I am.



I believe I have this dude nailed. I think it is a ‘49 Ford, going what looks like pull door handles.


shirl72 said...

I was going over in my mind about
Grandma Darnell's daddy was a Judge. Our Great, Great Granddad.
"Here Comes The Judge".
Remember the court house was across the street where he lived. I loved to sit in from of the fireplace and listen to him tell stories about the people that were brought to court. He looked the part white handle bar mustash. We wanted some of his law books I guess the granddaughter on the other side got them...Oh well they would just be added to my STUFF.

Paula said...

I think it would be interesting to dig into family but I don't have time. Seems like you're getting into it.

Lucy said...

Royalty my foot. You did come up with some funny stuff but the bit about Bohemia is so hilarious. I am afraid to look into my ancestry. You are a hoot.

betty said...

It is amazing what you can find online, Jack! How neat with the pictures you were able to discover. Your book sounds interesting; must be fun to do the research you are doing and then find something that helps you to figure out more about your family history and ancestry.

Hope the day trip was a good one!


Chatty Crone said...

That is so cool. I love to learn about the past - she was stern looking but I think all pictures were back then. Don't you wonder why they all looked so serious.


You Granny is a fine looking woman. I know what you mean about digging. have been doing research on Ancestory.com for my family. Amazing what you find.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love ancestry and finding out about our roots. I do know where my folks came from and have quite a family tree. On my dad's side we came from Hungary and on my Mom's we were English and German with some others mixed in, French, Irish, and even a part that was American Indian. I only wish I knew all the stories that go along with the names.

Cindi said...

Great find!! Ancestry/genealogy takes patience, but oh what a reward!!!

Sheila Y said...

I enjoy the genealogy too. I love finding photos online. A lot of ours were in NC before they moved further south, some through GA then on to AL. I enjoy finding stories about ancestors too, though you don't really know what is true and what is not...ha. Take care, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

I, too, wish I'd paid more attention when mother and daddy would tell of their families' histories. Rather, they left much documentation - but I miss the color commentary and anecdotes.
Your 7th grade teacher's corsage makes me smile. It's nice to remember when people took such care in their everyday appearance!

'Looking forward to learning more about your new book!