Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin, The Clown, the tears, LIFE


I read an illustration on a forum today that brought back an illustration of many years ago.  It was about a man who went to a doctor complaining of really being depressed. The doctor told him that there was a circus in town. He said that there was a clown performing in a show. You must see him. He suggested that he  go and take in the show. The Dr. knew laughter is good medicine and  felt sure that all the laughing he would do should lift his spirits. The doctor talked on about how great the clown was. Finally, the man interrupted the doctor by saying, "Doctor that will not help. You see, I am that clown".

Clarabelle was the first clown I ever remember, the clown made me laugh.


While making thousands of people laugh, Robin Williams was suffering inside. Sad!!

Over 30,000 people commit suicide each year. In Bloggsville we have Mel of ‘Up North with Mel’ who works with her extended family to promote awareness of suicide.

We have folks in our blogging families who have lately dealt with the same situation,  another of our group Mel lately lost a brother.

I lost a first cousin, sweet lady to depression.

I have said it hundreds of times, no one knows what goes on inside YOUR mind but YOU. maybe you haven’t thought of suicide, but I have. I don’t thing anyone has immunity, depression has no favorites.


We humans have a way of dealing with BAD NEWS, as long as it is not OUR bad news we say, “How terrible”, and then we soon forget it. Of course you will not soon forget Robin Williams. The news media and his many films and recordings will keep that memory alive forever, it will cross your mind more times than my cousin will, because you will have memory joggers.


The person taking their own life is blinded with their present, immediate ‘MIND TALK’. The person who briefly thinks of it, but then considers the loved ones who would be devastated, hurt and cheated, lets it pass and goes on with life. They shed a few tears (some say have a pity party) then go on to face life.

I cannot begin to imagine what an internationally famous person must be thinking before it gets so bad they must end the ‘MIND TALK’ that is driving them truly insane, because at that time they must actually be, out of their mind.

Can suicide be predicted? In some it can methinks, but to the observer of the CLOWN, …………………it could never be him.

ROBIN WILLIAMS end his own life? Not in your life time, I WOULD HAVE SAID.

My thoughts today, I sure enjoyed his entertaining, he will be missed.

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You must see life as it is to survive. You must know yourself and your limitations. We all must have a reason to live, Find IT!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<^>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




Every circus goer knows the clown car is coming.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We really do not know what goes on in others minds, sometimes it's the seemingly happiest people who always make us smile that are the most depressed. We can never be too careful what we say or how we treat people . A little difference can mean a lot to someone that needs it. Robin Williams will be missed and remembered.

Paula said...

Interesting story about the doctor and the clown. Always wonder why some people don't like clowns or are afraid of them. Sorry about Robin Williams.

Lucy said...

I had a very hard time when I had to take my sister , actually trick her in to going , to the hospital when she was covering every shiny object in the house. She thought someone was shooting electricity into her legs. It was alzhiemers in a wierd stage but you could look at her and see the sadness, hpoelesness, and confusion. Medication allowed her to be in her home for about a year and then she went into a nursing home. I never saw her smile and the sadness on her face and her attempts to get out of the nursing homes were so hard to take. I don't think she would have committed suicide but you never know.

Chatty Crone said...

I think of all the joy he brought to us and I feel bad he was so sad inside that he thought there was no help for himself and that he had to kill himself to get out of pain. It is sad.

shirl72 said...
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betty said...

I have to agree with what Sandie (Chatty Crone) said. Also goes to show it really doesn't matter how rich you might be, how successful, etc., a person can still be so broken inside. He will be missed by so many, especially his family!


shirl72 said...

I had to delete my comment left out half of a sentence.

When they said that Robin Williams was dead I just knew it was a heart attack. Then they said suicide hard to believe. I have heard the saying laughing on the outside and crying on the inside.

The saying that our Brother would
say is true, "ONE NEVER KNOWS DOES


Such a unique talent. So sad he is gone. TRAGIC, indeed.

jadarnel27 said...

I always enjoy your perspective, Grandpa. The Internet at-large could learn a lesson from your sensitivity and open-mindedness.

Jackie said...

Your Grandson is spot on.
Those on the internet (AND those who haven't had the privilege of reading Jack's words)would learn valuable lessons from Jack.
My heart is saddened to know that Robin Williams was so despondent that he chose to die. My heart breaks for his family.