Saturday, August 23, 2014

LIFE, and then We grow up ……

As we grow up our life’s directions are driven  by the people in our lives and the times we grow up.  That is to say our thoughts and attitudes toward the world and many times our life's goals are set by the ones who impress the young mind by their speech, lives or their attitudes toward us..

If you remember anyone who ‘suffered thru’ the early 1930’s depression you surely have  heard, “Always put something back for a rainy day.”  They knew the importance of having something to fall back on because many had nothing but their hands and a sharp mind to get through that time.


Most of the folks I came in contact with were family and church folk. I was exposed to a good work ethic and it was stressed always give the man a days work for a days pay.

I was in the USMC before I met boys who were raised in apartment buildings, row houses and Government Projects. In that respect my life was sheltered. Shirl and I were sort of the second family of Mom & Dad. We actually lived the good life, the older siblings remembered the tough times. They were born just before or during the Great Depression.

Living only in NC until I was 17, I did not realize that New York was mostly rural and mountainous. I thought it was all New York City.

Pennsylvania? I thought it was Philly and Pittsburg. Texas was Cowboys and Cowgirls desert and plains.  Amazing what you learn when you GROW UP!


Right now we are in Virginia. Much of our history is grounded here. This is where many of our forefathers were born. Much history around here. Jimmy mentioned in his Blog that in August of  1775 King George declared the colonies in rebellion. Just yesterday we were in a town called King George. I didn’t know it existed, did you?


We all remember Patrick Henry, GIVE ME LIBERTY!

George Washington, James Monroe and Robert E Lee were born near here. (Possibly Patrick Henry, still working on that one).  Lots of history around the Potomac, nice to be here.


                                   Lee & Monroe

I’m a strange guy, I like picturing me walking where Lincoln walked (we traced him one year, from Sinking Spring (KY) into Illinois) and so I will imagine George Washington playing were we walk when we visit. I sorta freeze time and think.

So did life surprise you when you got outside your family cocoon?

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PS: I received an e-mail entitled: A sermon is better lived than preached, I am going to include them in the next few blog entries. #1:

Quote….”Today, when I slipped on the wet tile floor a boy in a wheelchair caught me before I slammed my head on the ground. He said, “Believe it or not, that's almost exactly how I injured my back 3 years ago.” “



OLD customized, gotta love it.


shirl72 said...

Jack we had a good life and good
family..I wondered how Mother & Dad
keep their sanity raising the two
of us...

Very interesting history about
our Presidents..good to remember.
I wonder how much History is taught
in school today. They were great men.

Mevely317 said...

Great question!
I know my parents did their best, but looking back I was so dang naïve it's almost laughable. Lots of surprises, yes ...'n I'd be wise to stop right there! LOL.

That quote in your post-script gave me goosebumps!

Paula said...

Oh yes I was pretty much a country bumpkin and kind of still am.

betty said...

There is lots of history in the area where you guys are, Jack and Sherry; I'm sure you'll enjoy your time there exploring what you want to explore. So many people think of California as just beaches and congestion with traffic, but we have such a variety of climates here with deserts, mountains, snow, etc. I'm continually learning new things about this state I've called home the majority of my life :)



My of my youth was spent in the areas you mentioned. I was sheltered though. I thought Canada was covered with snow and was surprised to see it wasn't on my first trip there as a young adult.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've got to say that life has been good to me. I was raised in a small town and have been here most of my life. It is like being in a cocoon in many ways. Life outside of my realm is very different. I do love history and read a lot about it. Someday we'll be a part of that history that people read about. Makes you wonder what they'll think of these time.

Rick Watson said...

Several years ago Jilda were in Boston and we went to the historical places. Like you, I enjoy being there and thinking about those who went before us.
We loved Virginia too. There's a lot of history on that soil.
Your quote brought one to my that my mom used to say: your kids will more attention pay
To what you do than what you say

Chatty Crone said...

I was not in the depression but my parents were. I think it really changed the lives of those people FOREVER!