Friday, June 24, 2016

Buying new tires, have you noticed you pay the 'disposal fee' up front?

I keep wondering who gets the money? The buyer pays $5 per tire for it's disposal.  If I were to buy 4 tires and mount them myself, then take the tires to my local dump they charge me $2 per tire.  What? I already paid $5 each for their disposal, what did they do with the money?  The guy at the dump says , "It ain't me, It's the law (rules) you know!"

My problem, but today I was thinking how much fun I had 'rolling tires'.  I would bet I added a few hundred miles to some worn out tires. Boys my age just ran behind and beside a tire pushing it along.

I met boys from the cities up north and they rolled 'Barrel rings' using a stick. We didn't have barrel rings, so we rolled tires. Until I was 9-10 I could fold up inside a 16" tire and a buddy would push me down a hill. That was a dizzy ride, but I loved it.

I am glad there were no 'steel' belted tires back then, we would have gotten scratched thousands of times by the worn out belts sticking through the rubber of the tire.
My rubber pistol wasn't quite this cool!
Tires and tubes furnished some of our best toys. The inner tube rubber became rubber gun bullets, rubbers for our sling shots and the tips for our drag brakes on homemade wagons.  An old patched inner tube was the only swimming flotation device we ever had. Great on a hot day in the creek or river.

We recycled before we knew what it was.

Speaking of recycling, I wonder how many times my mama used the same quart 'Ball' jars in canning.

What did you 'recycle' 'repurpose' or use again.

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Some cars are just cool to look at:
 Above was the concept '55 Ford  Below a concept '55 Lincoln


betty said...

I remember people using tubes from tires for floating; always looked like a lot of fun. They get you coming and going with the fees they charge for this and that, sometimes can't keep them all straight.

When we were walking a dog, we "re-purposed" bags from the grocery store to take care of cleaning up after him :)


Mevely317 said...

What neat memories! Sad that many of today's boys (and girls) do their running at fancy health 'clubs.'
My grandpa had an old tire swing fashioned to a tree limb in his front yard ... another, he filled with clean dirt that served my sandbox.

We don't do so much repurposing as we should; unless you count the grocery sacks that become trash can liners.

Lisa said...

I remember the boys used to find old bicycle tires and grocery buggy wheels to use on their homemade go carts. I loved old tire swings and yes rolling down the hills inside those things were fun. Thanks for taking me back to memory lane. Tires were one of the best durable toys we had!

Paula said...

When I used my iron skillets after washing them I dried them out with a paper towel then stuffed it in the silver ware thingy in the dish drainer to use next time. Silly I know but they weren't dirty, just damp. I do lots of recycling and have to watch John like a hawk that he doesn't put things in the wrong can.

Rick Watson said...

Yep, I've rolled a tire or two, and I've floated down the Black Warrior River many times at the pace of a lazy current. A cool way to spend time when it's too hot to do anything else :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When my children were young we used an old tractor tire for a sandbox tor them. It was just the right size and provided seating for them too when they played in the sand. The sand we got back then had tiny shells in it and they loved that. The play sand I see now doesn't have them. I have done some inner tube floating and swung on a tire swing too. Nice memories today !

Unknown said...

There is a tire hanging in the back yard that you put up for your grandchildren. Roller skating was my thing.. what fun. We jump rope and
jump board. We knew how to entertain our self and we had fun.


Kids will make do with what they have. And fun always happens.