Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I'm Just not sure

So many directions to go, I am just not sure which way 'we' want to go. It is getting a little warm down here in the flat lands. Since we do have wheels on our home and we really do need to know if the engine fix DID FIX this dude we need to ride somewhere.

The mountains are the first thing to come to our mind, BUT it is close to the 4th of July and reservations are sometimes hard to locate.  We do miss the time when we first started we NEVER made reservations.  Now the RV world has expanded and lots of folks have realized how freedom feels, if they do not like to be anchored.
Sherry doesn't want to go here!
You probably know what I mean. I have friends and family that are very happy to enjoy the roots they have grown. I do envy the feeling at times. BUT, but there is this built in clock that says, "Time to GO!"  We are obligated for a 'Stella Sitting Day' this week, so we must wait on that.
She doesn't want to go here either.
For a few days now she has taken our walk with us, of course she is riding in a stroller.  She does get out to play in the park we pass and to catch lightening bugs, on what we have dubbed lightening bug alley. She actually put 1.5 miles on her pedometer, while we put 3-5 miles.

Anyway, we are getting ready to go.

Nite Shipslog

PS: BUT BUT why am I looking at a building lot?  Even Sherry seems to be excited by it. It is owned by someone in Georgia, I have put out feelers.  Will let you know.  I have learned with modern technology you no longer must be present for a closing. 

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 The 1938 Corsair above and below the 1938 CAddy

 Can you imagine tooling around in one of these dudes?


betty said...

That is true with paperwork for closing; so much can be done electronically these days. That field seems interesting, especially if both you and Sherry seem to think so! Half the fun of going somewhere is planning where you will be going!


Unknown said...

You can build over here..is that a vacant lot beside me...

Mevely317 said...

When I was a 'travelling gal', most of my enjoyment came from the planning process ... and lots of day-dreaming!

PS - How'd you feel about purchasing a cute little home in Goodyear, AZ? :)))

Paula said...

I wouldn't want to go on those high narrow roads either. I didn't know that about closing. John will be closing on his next to last rental soon. I guess the next step will be getting rid of his last 30 cows, then what? No traveling for us.

Rick Watson said...

I'd find some place that will let you build one of the beautiful Tiny Houses. I've seen some beautiful ones on Pintrest.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having a home on wheels and being able to travel with the seasons would be wonderful. Hope you find that cool spot for the hot days of summer. Stella probably loves having those walks with you and I'm sure she keeps you entertained. It'll be interesting to see what happens with that property. Keep cool!


chasing lightening bugs is always fun for little ones. as for that building lot in georgia. could be home, someplace to land in between traveling.