Monday, June 6, 2016

Tropical Storms or just storms

(Posting early due to the storm)

(Colin came and I had just had my hair done)
We went down to Port Richey today to help Son Mark, who has a broken wing and can work with only one hand.  Grandson Luke is also down.  Tropical Storm Colin came by I think. We went to Jersey Mikes because it was close to Lowes and I saw some of the weather on the tube.  I noticed they had clocked some gusts above 50mph.

WE did some electrical work, made a couple window screens (one worked one didn't (not a good average)). Sherry painted (yep even in the humidity), and did some clean up.

When we got to the house there was a man looking at it. He told Sherry he was interested in the house and was sorry Mark already had a contract, because he had the cash and was ready to buy.

I have sold many houses and I do not give credence to all the stories I hear. In the example above, the man may have had the price in cash (his idea of the price, which may have been 1/2 what Mark is asking. 

I am always reminded of the guy looking for a tire for his car and finally found one that fit for $35. He told the dealer, "I was just down at Tommy's Tires and he gets $22 for the tire!"
"Well sir, why didn't you buy it there?"
"He didn't have any in stock!"
Looking very serious the dealer said, "Mister I do better than that, when I don't have 'em in stock, I sell them for $15."

AS I type this entry the remnants (or continuation) of Colin is passing thru Wildwood.  This is some of the hardest rain this motor home has ever been in and the winds are high. We have found one leak.  It will have to be treated after the storms have passed. Funny thing, we have one awning still out. In the winds the straps sound like someone is knocking or beating on the door to get in. This last time has been over 30 mins straight. LOL 

We have lost power only once for a short time. Very unusual in a storm this big. At times the rain sounds like it is going to beat thru.

(Especially for sister Shirl, pig lover)

My Sherry’s family always gathered in one area of the house during a storm. My family paid no attention to it. I loved to play outside barefoot in a summer thunderstorm. I though lightening was beautiful, not scary (still do).  Are you okay in a lightning and thunder storm?

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I've known people struck by lightening. I do not mess with Mother Nature when there is a storm. Stay safe dear friend. I hope you do not get blown away by those powerful gusts and that you do not get a flood inside from the leak..

Lisa said...

I love to listen to thunder storms. I do not care to be under a lighting cloud. Ive been out walking before in the sunshine and see a bolt of lightning slap the pavement in front of me. That did it for me. I under shelter now when the clouds are dark but if im inside, I want the windows open so I can smell the rain and hear the thunder. Love it.

Fix that leak

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I was in our camper one time when a tornado passed close by I felt like I was in side of a dishwasher. Thankfully we were all ok. I never go out in lightning and one time saw it pass right through one window of our family room to another one at the end of the room. They were open, we keep them closed now during a storm. I do like to sit on the porch when it rains, but if lightning is close by I go in. Hope you all didn't suffer much damage with your leak and keep safe in the storms.

betty said...

I am okay in a thunder and lightening storm as long as it doesn't cause much damage. I do like to watch the storms from inside the house though, LOL :)

That was some storm you had down there.

Glad you were able to be of help for Mark. I think the only way you would have known for sure about the man inquiring about the house with his cash to pay if he made the deal at the asking price Mark wanted and then proceeded to follow through showing he had the cash. It is good though that Mark does have a contract on the house!


Glenda said...

Am not so much scared in the storms, however, strong winds intimidate me. During the hurricanes of 2004, I hunkered down in my little CBS home, no power, no water and cooking was taking previous frozen food from a cooler out to the charcoal Weber partially sheltered on the front porch. That Frances was a barn burner and destroyed a lot of trees, had an orange tree uprooted here during that one. My investment property on the canal into Lake Okeechobee lost a magnificent grapefruit, what a job weeks later cutting up that baby with my new chainsaw. It would be on the back of the property, of course, and had be cut in sizes that waste management would accept. Lot of work, not much fun. Had just completed a renovation over there, and the seawall collapsed into the canal [nope ~ storm insurance doesn't cover seawalls OR the boat house that landed in there]. Then before there was power in Arcadia, my Homeowners cancelled my policy pending a four point inspection ~ which failed and there wasn't an electrician in Chobee who could rewire this ole house in time. That was when Jeanne came through a few weeks later. OMG, the longest duration of any hurricane in history. It hovered over my house, something about the "Lake Effect", and I can tell you the "Eye" of the storm is a calm, still, eerie atmosphere. Nice until it passes and the windows are rattling again. This time I housed some of my Mexican friends on pallets in the TV room, they cleaned up the yards in both places out of gratitude for shelter. I was working for a bank Investment firm in Stuart, FL ~ Martin County got priority power from FPL and the bank loaned out generators to those of us in the hinterlands!!! Fortunately, I had my little red truck with a camper shell and brought one home!!! Never got used to walking into a room and flipping a dead switch. Bet ya didn't know I hung the drywall on ceiling of my dining room, kitchen and TV room :) Yep, at 5'3" I had to hold onto a ladder and my end of those 4 X 8 sheets. Tough time, but I've always believed "Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do." And happily, I'm built "Ford Tuff", maybe I can thank my farming background, and my Dad for instilling self reliance into his kids. And I'm still grateful for a metal roof over head and some laborers who were out planting cherry hedges when the storm warning came out. God Bless you two and keep you safe ~ am pretty sure there's a pan to catch the leaking water and you've got the skills to do the repair. Warm Hugs...Glenda
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Yaya Snaps said...

Happy to hear your son is doing well. The worst rain storm Don and I ever went through in the motorhome was coming into the state of Florida, early summer 1997. It was pouring so hard on I-10 I couldn't even see flashers on other vehicles 50 feet in front of me. I kept asking Don if I should pull over, he never answered so I kept driving until we ran out of it on I-75. I don't mind thunder/lightning storms if I'm inside...I do have to admit that when I was a kid my Mom used to let my sister and I shower in the run off from the back porch roof. Great fun on a hot, sultry summer day. I wasn't as concerned about storms when I was a was able to enjoy them in a way I no longer can since I know the bad things that can happen during them. I'm not overly fond of hurricane's and even less with tornadoes. Tornadoes are too unpredictable. Hope your son will be able to sell his house soon.

Paula said...

I might have told you this before. When I was growing up we lived across the street from the Methodist church. My daddy was so scared of storms he made us all go to the church basement at the sight of a storm cloud. My Mama was from Oklahoma and was used to bad weather so she should have been the one afraid but she wasn't.

Sheila Y said...

We had lightning in the clouds the other night, I stood and watched it for a few minutes. But Kansas had the best lightning storms. Stay safe! Sheila

Mevely317 said...

To answer your question? Nooooo ............!!!
When I lived in the Bay area - and used to hang out and smokes with our meteorologist, Dick Fletcher, I was informed Clearwater was the lightening capital of the world.
Scares the beJesus out-a me.

I've been thinking of y'all and praying. Funny, for someone who couldn't wait to get OUT of Florida, I've been thinking hard about recreating some memories. Silly, yes.