Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Today it seems that no matter what I buy, someone wants me to rate the article or the transaction.  Now this dude does buy a lot of stuff on the internet.
(This is the Saturn)
Once Sherry bought a new Saturn to tow. A week after the sale we received a card in the mail (now you get an e-mail) asking for an evaluation. I check 'satisfied' in all blocks and sent it back.  The salesman was not happy, he called and said, "I told you to rate me excellent!" (I will skip the rest of the drama).

I have learned in business and in practice that most 'WRITTEN' evaluations are negative. When a person is satisfied they seldom say much unless the company makes it easy. Quick and easy Y/N questions.
(This is the second house Sherry and I built ourselves I believe, a nice split level)
As a businessman I was always very happy when I never heard from a buyer.  I appreciated the compliments, but took them with a grain of salt.   I very seldom hired anyone to clean my houses before they were sold, I did it myself.  On your hands and knees over every inch of the floor, you find any fault that needs to be fixed. Cleaning the light fixtures you see if they are hung correctly and going over all the plumbing you find 'ANY' small leak, commode seals, etc. You check each door lock, you hear any squeaks. The majority of things I found was poor water flow. Simply by cleaning the faucet filters of the building materials I prevented many 'call-backs'.  That procedure was my military training, I was never afraid of cleaning. LOL.  To tell the truth, I enjoyed it. I took pride in closing that door and locking a clean NEW home.  I sold a lot of houses and I can count the call-backs on less than one hand.

We built our own house within sight of three of the houses I had sold with no worries of complaints from the buyers, we became friends.

I have a problem with the 'new world' that requires an 'atta boy' or an 'ah-sh-t' from their customers. If today's customers are not happy they will tell you!

I quit answering questions from Amazon (I like Amazon), but the last time I rated something I rated it 5 stars. I was happy. I did not 'write' anything. I hit submit and the instructions said 'you must fill in the remarks'.  I said,' no I don't,' and hit the little red 'x' up in the corner.

In reference to the Saturn salesman, any company who promotes personnel 'ONLY' on glowing reports, in my opinion, could be missing the mark.

Do you take time to answer surveys?

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PS: Myra suggested  the book I just finished.  'A Dog's Journey' a unique take on a dogs life from the dog's point of view (second in the series) by W.B Cameron. I rate it 5 stars,  Thanks Myra.

 1936 Cord above 1940 Horsh (german)



Usually if I'm satisfied with something I do not make a big deal. But give the proper kudos. It's when I'm not happy with something I complain, loud and clear. The book sounds interesting.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't bother with ratings. Some people are pests about it. I would give you an excellent rating though.

betty said...

I had a teacher years ago in school that wouldn't give "outstanding" for students' behavior and performance in school. She would give "S" for satisfactory. She reasoned it was the student's responsibility to behave in class as the baseline so why did they deserve outstanding if they did so?

I will rate books I read on Amazon with stars, but rarely will write a review these days. I'll do it on some other things if I feel like it. There were a couple experiences with restaurants where we used to live in Prescott that I didn't like so I did review those with my thoughts about the experience. Conversely, there were a few waiters and waitresses that went out of their way at other restaurants that I did write a review about. Its usually how I feel at any given moment, LOL, whether I'll write a review or not.


Paula said...

I like to do surveys. Before the computer I did them by mail. They sent me products to try out. There used to be some where you could earn points and get small gifts. Things like bird feeders, toasters etc.

Mevely317 said...

I'm so tickled you enjoyed reading "A Dog's Journey"! (It's been a long time, but I think it had the best conclusion of any book I've ever read.)

Boy, today's topic hits close to home! (er, my workplace.) The organization for which I work is incredibly focused on guest satisfaction scores. 4 out of every 5 weekdays, ratings and demographics are scrutinized in our morning meetings. Enough, already!!!

PS - I love how answered Amazon's 'demand' for comments!

Mevely317 said...

PS, it's me again!

I'm in awe of your attention to detail on the homes you built. I used to be reluctant to publicly shame anyone, but after our most recent discovery where the builder cut corners (Richmond-American Homes) I don't care.
Today's contractors and journeymen should take a lesson from the Darnell School of Ethics. I still believe people will pay more for quality.

Lisa said...

Ill do a "short" survey. But When the questions get personal or start repeating themselves, I'll give up and hit the red X.
However, I do believe in giving credit where credit is due.


Rick Watson said...

I rarely do a survey thes days. I've had people call wanting me to do a survey and when I ask how long it will take they say It will only take about 20 minutes. Sorry, life is short. If you want me to invest that much time I need to be On The Clock:)