Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We were invited to a Pot Party, so we went

“Good friends are like quilts - they age with you, and yet, they never lose their warmth.”  I read that statement and thought of mama's quilts. I would be willing to bet that I slept under some of the same quilts mama made when my oldest brother was a kid.  I also would bet when she died there was a pan or something she had kept forever.

Every time dad and mom moved, that the old black pot from the back yard went on the trailer. So I got to thinking, what do we (Sherry and I) have that we haven't lost or thrown away in our 60 years of marriage.  Something that has been in our family for decades?

Now in 1974-75 we were invited to a pot party. Miracle Maid, I believe. Anyway we bought a set of pots and still  use them. But that wouldn't be but 41 years.  We do have two cast iron pans we have had a lot longer, but cannot remember how long (I asked Sherry, she usually knows everything and she is not sure how old they are.)
I know folks that have lived in the same house all their lives have older stuff, but we moved a lot.
                                     (Sherry's fan is maroon)
Thinking about it, we do have two articles that have been in Sherry's life MOST of her life, maybe minus 5 years. We have a fan that is also a stool. She said she used to sit on it and spread her dress around it and it was cool.  We also still have her mama's 'cedar chest', I think every family had a cedar chest. That is pretty old.
(This one actually looks like my mama's, Sherry's mom's is blonde)
What is the oldest thing you are holding onto? (Sherry looking at me, just said, "YOU are the oldest thing I am holding onto.” I'm not sure that is fair???)
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 The Crosley car, a long time before it's time (1940's)
The beautiful Hudson Terreplane (Mid 1930's)


betty said...

I know hubby is holding on to some guitars from the 1950's. I'm not holding on to too many things that are "old." In clearing out hubby's parents' home a few years back in the bottom of one of their hope chests we saw wrapped up very carefully a preserved rose. Of course it had lost a lot of petals by then, but we wondered if it was the rose corsage hubby's mom wore on her wedding day.


Unknown said...

Good one mom. Haha

Unknown said...

Good one mom. Haha

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I have a large serving bowl that my Grandmother got from the "Jewel Tea" company hen she and Grandpa were first married.....must be 100 years old or more....I'll pass it on to my daughter.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

That hen should been a when..... :) keyboard is sticking

Lisa said...

I have an old Bonnet Hairdryer mom used on us when we were little girls and Im pretty sure she used it as a little girl too. I also hold dear, some of grandmaws quilts.

Great response Sherry!

Lisa said...

Ok...To be honest, when I first read this headline, I thought "ok now what has Sherry and Jack gotten into now?!?" hahaha.

Mevely317 said...

Great question!
MY parents were both 'savers', and mother's hope chest still contains probably-useless-but-emotionally-significant 'stuff.' For instance? I've a cordless(!) curling iron that belonged to my grandmother; and my own mother's baby dress (ca. 1915).

Unknown said...

Mothers cedar check is downstairs...I have mother's china and Jim's mother's
glass wear. I have brochure on the china but can't locate it right now.
I have no idea what to do with them...Young people are not interested in
hand me downs like our generation.

Paula said...

I have a blond cedar chest that I got for high school graduation. It got kind of beat up when I moved out here. It is in the garage. One thing I know is in there-- a pair of pajamas Mel sent me from Japan when he was serving there in the Army after being drafted. Since I'm an old lady I have quite a few old things. Have a very old iron bed from Mel's grandparents.


I have an old pedal organ that folds down to look like a big old toolbox. It belonged to my grandpa. next on my list would be my 77 year old husband. LOL LOVE the fan you two have that doubles as a stool. How COOL is that? Pardon the pun.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have a lot of things that are old and that I've hung on to here at my house. I bought a set of pots similar to the ones you have before I married and still have all of them except one and the handle broke off that one but the pan itself was still good. The old things have all held up well, much better than the newer ones. They don't seem to make anything as good anymore.

Sheila Y said...

We have a few pieces of Rick's grandma's blue willow dishes and cups, an apron of hers and two quilts. He has one of his grandfather's ties. Mom has an ice cream scoop her Dad gave her when she married that I hope to get. She said I could have now but that don't seem right, and she also has some doilies her mom made and a bible of her Mom's I would like. Dad has a dress of his Mom's, she passed when he was about 14. I'd take it too. That's the oldest stuff I can think of off the top of my head. :-) Sheila