Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life should be like a 'T' ball game

I actually have been to a few T-ball games.  It would be nice to have the coach 'physically' over your shoulder to talk you thru the 'hit'.  If the batter doesn't hit the ball, no problem it is set up again, no 'three strikes you are out', stuff. YOU ARE GONNA GET A HIT!

And no matter how good you hit the ball, you always get to run to first and eventually around to home.  But what I like is on the way to home, you can:
you can stop and fix the dirt around the bases, even if the coach is yelling RUN! Well he doesn't yell in T-ball, he would be wasting his breath.  The players are in a world of their own, the game isn't their whole world. As a matter of fact if your baby brother wants to come on the field to play in the dirt, so what?
Some times the whole team actually chases the ball:
And sometimes there is something more important spotted in  the dirt than the ball.  May as well check this out since I am down here.

What the heck, I might as well go get my sister and bring her around, no matter if I am up to bat next!

And since you have filled the glove up with dirt, it must be dumped sometime:

But you still get the thrill of rounding third and heading HOME!
Everyone's a winner. Everyone goes around the bases no matter how well the ball is hit.  There are NO OUTS.
Everyone gets a trophy.

Our Great Grand Stella is now 4. Very hard to believe.

But Life isn't like T-ball. Sometimes no matter hard you try, you do not get the trophy. It would be nice in this world if we could be as concerned at the T-ball player.  Just take time to sit down in the dirt and look for that interesting bug or rock (or whatever 8 boys and girls can find) and let the world go on by. 

You know, the T-Ball players are doing the equivalent of 'smelling the roses' for adults. Sometimes we just need to ignore everything and notice how high the tomato plant has climbed, SMILE AT THE BLOOMS and APPRECIATE IT LIFE.

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betty said...

This was so cute! Definitely something to see in person; so many little ones to watch and so much fun to be had watching them. Stella looks great with her trophy! Give her a few years; I imagine she'll be a great softball player!


Lisa said...

Cute post Jack. Ive been to these games. You nailed it. They are so darn cute. They could care less who wins or losses. It would be nice if everyone had that attitude.

Pretty little ball player you have there.

Mevely317 said...

What a feel-GOOD post, Jack! This reminds me of Robert Fulghum's essays.
Stella's "vigor" as she's rounding 3rd makes me smile all over. :)


What a sweet post and darling children, one and all.

Unknown said...

Glad to know the rules of T Ball. I had no idea they could do what they wanted. That is hilarious and sound like fun. At least they know you
run around the bases. Sounds like fun I will have to attend one game.

Paula said...

A cute post of the little kids game. Just a note to tell you how much I'm enjoying your latest book. If I was there I would like the part about finding the chocolate pudding hanging. Very touching promising the boy a college education.

Unknown said...

Apparently tee ball is a lot more competitive in these parts. I'm still traumatized by the experiences and my little ball player is a grown man now.
You made a very sweet post.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

T ball is wonderful ! I have a grandson that plays and I went to his opening game this year. So glad you got to go and get some great pictures too ! It's true our lives aren't like the T ball game but it is good just to slow down and enjoy the day. Good reminder for sure.