Thursday, June 9, 2016

"Know it Alls"

Are you a “Know It All?”
(Posted from near Parris Island, SC aka: Pleasure Island)

I think most folk know what I am talking about. ‘Know it Alls’ can judge everyone (but do not want to be judged themselves, somehow they are different, perfect, etc.).

Are you concerned about everything in your frig? Some of us are a little slack and let left-overs die, because we forget them. My sister Shirl would make you sick. Open her refrigerator and you would think you were in a  fancy store. Everything is neat, lined up and in order. Neat as a pen. But she is the odd one, most folk don’t do that and lose track of things (way in the back).

Lately I clicked on an article on the AOL News entitled NINE DANGEROUS THINGS in your refrigerator.”
Our  internet connection (via cell) is slow and when I click on something that I think will be interesting it takes a long time to come up. When it does appear, it is worse than the old sales practice, “Bait and switch”.  I NEVER did see the nine things I knew were going to kill Sherry and me. 

What I did see was a lady introduce herself to some ‘house wife’ in front of a refrigerator. They opened it and the visiting lady started ‘telling her what a mess she had’, this needs to go, you should NEVER do this! Oh this date is past a week now. OH look! This date goes out tomorrow, and she is throwing all this ‘stuff’ in a trash can. I thought after I clicked the little ‘X’, the next thing in that garbage can would have been you. She had NO personality, not tact, but maybe that is cool now.

After a show like that I want to ask, “Did you see the lady’s family lying around on the floor dying?”

Is that called ‘CLICK BAIT?’

Okay, my rant is over. I really wouldn't throw the lady out. But on the other hand she may not have been in our kitchen. LOL

'Know It Alls’, bug me. (Probably because I am one.)  Most of us know more than we say but we do not feel obligated to ‘fix’ everyone’s problems.  WELL, WE may WANT TO, but usually we let folks live their lives. (Most of the time).

(Unless it is my family, then I want to fix everything.)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At my age you'd think I should know a lot, but the older I get the less I know. My fridge is probably one that lady would condemn. It does need good cleaning out. The computer has opened up a whole new world of knowledge and I do learn something new every day.

betty said...

I've been known to leave something longer in the fridge than it should be and then have to throw it away. Usually fruit or vegetables. Otherwise, with the other stuff my mom had strict guidelines about how long to keep this or that and she passed that on to us so rarely things get thrown away; either used up or frozen within a few days.

I think we are all know it alls in different subjects we might be familiar with. The key is to be one but not to convey it to much to others but yet impart advice when needed.


Unknown said...

Nice share. I think your website
should come up much higher in the search results than where it is showing up right now….

Lisa said...

My fridge is rather empty but yet messy. I throw out everything that's still there after the exact expiration date. However, Pickles....I probably have 10 jars of pickles that are as old as the fridge itself. haha.

I think im a know it all sometimes. yikes.

Mevely317 said...

Love that quote by Will Rogers!
That refrigerator business makes me giggle. I used to work for a fellow who'd ask his wife, "Do you want to throw this away now ... or wait a couple months and play, 'guess what this used to be?'"

Know it all? Hey, I work for one! I truly don't think M's even aware that she's doing it ... but it's been a talking point around here for years. For example? If someone were to come in having grown a third eyeball, M would know someone else who did that, PLUS grew a 4th.
(Not malicious, but funny as the dickens.)

Unknown said...

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Paula said...

I had a friend who was married to a man who wanted everything lined up perfectly in the fridge. I try to do that sometime 'cause it looks so neat but John unlines it. lol


There is something to be said about experience. But having to shove any information you have down someone else's throat is tiresome indeed for us on the receiving end.

Rick Watson said...

I knew that :)
Just kidding. But I'm probably guilty of giving too much advice.