Sunday, June 19, 2016

Water, how wrong can you be?

Water is an absolute necessity. However problems associated with water are cunning, and problematic. We Easterners get very confused concerning water when traveling in the South West.  Once we were fortunate to attend a Chuckwagon Dinner hosted by the Sons of The Pioneers.  In his monolog the MC said, "YOU might be from Arizona if you do not associate bridges with water!"  We had noticed that was true, seeing many bridges with no water under them.

Once  driving near Ajo (A-ho), AZ I spotted a sign, "Danger no parking, flood Zone".  Imma southern boy, I looked around and saw only sandy dessert and not even a spring or creek, I would have rolled my eyes but I have read a lot of Louis L'amour books and vaguely remembered cattle drives and flash floods.   Also figured no one puts up these signs in the heat for the fun of it.. :-O. 

Water is unpredictable. Just ask someone looking for a leak on a roof.  Or a leak in the plumbing of your house.  It is hard to find the source in many cases. Thank goodness water once again has deceived me. 

This rough drawing is our Cummings diesel engine. It is located under our bed in the rear of the coach. To get to the engine I lift the bed and see the engine.  So a few days ago looking for my engine coolant problem I raised the  bed and at the left side I saw water dripping from a spot between the valve cover (pink) and the Head (orange). I closed the engine compartment and lowered the bed. Considering my options. I made a blog entry about it.
(The engine is mounted with a slant to the front so the water naturally followed the line)

Since the shop is not open on Saturdays and I could not take it back to the mechanic, I told Sherry I need to know more about the leak. I might can re-torque the head bolts or something.
After an hour (looking and working under the bed is very tight, I learned to appreciate the work the mechanics had to do).

In the meantime Friend Hank texts and volunteers to help. As a matter of fact he said, "With God's help, we can fix it."  I thought with that help, how can I lose.  But thanks Hank!! For even thinking about us! 

Using a paper towel to ID hidden water I found water all along the side of the engine (really scaring me, it wasn't just one place, I thought.) I continued along the valve cover (see red arrows) and found to my DELIGHT we had a small 1/4" water line that had deteriorated and cracked. WONDERFUL I thinks!

It was no fun but now I wasn't looking at $2000 but $20 and a few hours of labor to reroute a new hose. Tired but happy, we no longer have water dripping from the engine.

To tell the truth I was dreading moving out of our home again while the work was done, now I don't think that will happen.

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PS: What I am trying to say is, water problems are very tricky, this time I was fortunately fooled by the path of water.

Above the '46 Dodge and  Below, the amazing, resilient Corvette.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yay! So glad you found the leak and could fix it! Water problems are very tricky. Now you can rest a bit easier for sure !

betty said...

That is great news to hear! I like your friend's attitude about helping to fix it and relying on God to help you guys find out where the leak was coming from. Amazing it was "just" a small hose.


Sheila Y said...

So glad it was an "easy" fix (fingers crossed). My children are leaving your area this morning after the latest Heroes Con in Charlotte. Take care, Sheila

Yaya Snaps said...

So happy you found your water problem and that it's minor. Don and I found out early on about the water situation in Tucson and surrounding area. When we were on our way to Tucson from New Jersey in 1983 they were having a "100 year" flood in Tucson. We figured when we got there Tucson was going to be washed away...but no, most of it was still standing. Some of the buildings near the washes were swept away to Mexico. So we figured well they won't be building near the washes and we were wrong soon as possible buildings began springing up next to washes :) Hope springs eternal in the southwestern breast :)

Paula said...

So glad you, your friend, and God got it fixed. A part behind one of my toilets broke and water squirted all day in my house. It was quite a fiasco. I'm so thankful for water though.

Mevely317 said...

Whew! Good thing your in good shape and don't need to spend $2,000 on a chiropractor now!
This weekend I attempted to tighten an itty-bitty screw that had come loose at the bottom of our washing machine ... and my back let me know it was NOT happy.

Nope, Mr. L'amour was not exaggerating about the flash floods. I've seen more than my share of water rescues on the 6 o'clock news!


So happy the water problem was nothing MORE serious. Sometimes we get lucky. I'm glad you and Sherry do not have to leave your home for more BIG repairs.

Rick Watson said...

Dang, you must be living right Jack. That's great news!

Lisa said...

Im so glad you solved the water problem without having to take it to the shop. It just took a little faith.
I like Hanks way of thinking.

Unknown said...

I think you get up in the middle of the night and write your blogs. That is
how I miss them and don't comment. Brother slow down.