Wednesday, June 29, 2016

That kid, what will become of him?

My brother Odis was known to my sister Shirl and I by one statement he made:
One never truly knows, does one?

I received a fwd e-mail from friend Joan out in Utah.  (We are Grandparents-in-law). It listed many folk that the average person would not know their beginning and their end. I have two examples: First:

A mischievous School boy. Considered stupid, restless and too inquisitive and a slow learner. 
Became Thomas Edison…

This beautiful heiress from a wealthy family called the Vlachs  of Albany, was Agnes Boiagiu but she became:


This all struck me and I referred back to kids we met while hiking the Appalachian Trail.  My faith in the youth of our country was given a super boost.  We met many young folk who had their feet firmly planted on this planet. They were mannerly, courteous, and full of ambition.  They planned to make the world can be a better place.

They were city, suburb and country kids. Most were between college years, HS & college, or just after college.  They were there to prove to themselves they could take on a task and complete it.  We fell in love with kids named: Cricket, Scruffy, Freight Train, Boats, Pig Pen, etc. We had pages of trail names.  After I listed many in my latest book and published it, I ran across forty or fifty more on another page of notes.

I look at the youth today and realize they will run this country one day. I used to worry about it and just know, because of the youth of today, “This country is headed for a train wreck!” Our youth are the same mix of the youth of my day. Some wild, some ‘crazy’, some just normal and others with no label. WE made it.  I have confidence in the USA and our people.

We as a country may sink deeper. But I am a firm believer we have the right leaders out there somewhere.  I may not see it (being older than Linda, Lisa, Bonnie, Jimmy, Woody, Sheila, Myra and MA (and many more)) but I refuse to believe this country is headed down the drain.

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Lisa said...

I often say "This world is getting worst". Maybe it is but then I look back at my grandparents and how they thought the same thing. We somehow manage to adapt and go with the flow. Kids are often misunderstood but at the end, they all take through life what we as adults give them.

Great post

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with you. We only hear about what's wrong with our world, but there is a lot of good out there and as long as that remains there is hope.


I had to chuckle at your assessment because you came to the right realization at long last. Most adults eventually do. "Our youth are the same mix of the youth of our day. Some wild, some ‘crazy’, some just normal and others with no label."

betty said...

That was interesting about Mother Theresa's beginnings! I just finished your book, it was good; plan to review it on the blog soon, but I did think you used names from actual hikers in there that you had encountered :)

I think the youth these days do have firm heads, but what worries me more are the politicians, LOL :)


Paula said...

Glad you have that good faith in our world future. I'll try to do better in having it too.

Unknown said...

The grown-ups in our age probably thought we would never make it. The Children are growing up in a different world than we did. There are some
on their way up and there are drop-outs like in our day. I will enjoy
my days and let them worry about the future. "ONE NEVER KNOWS, DOES ONE??"

Mevely317 said...

That's pretty cool about Mother Theresa!

I'm glad you wrote this, in such an optimistic tone ... when frankly, I was beginning to suspect our Country is circling the drain.

Rick Watson said...

I'm sure our elders felt and said the same things about our generations.