Thursday, June 23, 2016

I am a lucky guy, for a cheap fellow.

Stella has accompanied us on our evening walks lately, she takes to the stroller most of the trip. But our biggest challenge is to see how many lightning bugs we can get as dusk sets in and heads for dark thirty. 

Usually the success rate is 2-4 bugs.  Tonight the jar held 7-8. A record.

Evening before last on the final leg, I was ahead of the crew, they were behind chasing 'bugs' I had the responsibility of the empty stroller.  I approached some clothes on the side of the road. I turned and joked as the girls approached, somebody got scared out of their clothes.

Sherece looked closer and said some  still have the tags on them. She read the size of the jeans (More expensive than I buy) they were all new, my size, 4 pairs.  Did I pick them up, you bet. They have been laundered and in my closet.

Today Grandson Matt came over and  visited Reece and Stella. Stella came over to the motorhome leading a puppy.  Sherry said, "So you are walking Addie?" Addie is Matt's Silver Lab.

"No, Grandma this is my dog, we just bought it. It is a twin of Matts."  At 4 yrs old she was so convincing Sherry looked at the dog tag.

"This is Matt's puppy, the tag says so."

"Oh no Grandma, I borrowed the collar so I could hook the leash to it and take 'Mindy' for a walk."  (Not the name she used, I can't remember it.)

The little rascal just about had us convinced. I smiled at her ability to spin a tale, very seriously! She got caught when Sherece and Matt came out to the motor home.

We get to see a lot of Stella and the family, parked here,

Nite Shipslog

1960 Rambler, we had one of these.  Loved it.


Rick Watson said...

I love watching kids play T-ball.

betty said...

Wow that was interesting about the clothes. Wonder who lost them or stashed them there to come back later for them. They sure got a surprise though when they were gone :)

Lots of pranksters I think in your family :)


Lisa said...

I think maybe you and Stella are a lot alike. Those clothes are a great find! Nothing wrong with new cloths from the street. hahaha. I found a pair of baby shoes on the road once, new and still in the box. People leave things on the hoods of their cars and loose it.

Cant beat a deal like that!


A storyteller is born. Stella is a charmer that is for sure. Cute pup too. Love that Rambler.


PS) impressed by your clothing FIND. Great threads at the RIGHT price. LOVE the story of their discovery. GREAT deal. (I tell all about mine on my new THRIFTING THREADS and THINGS blog.)

Mevely317 said...

Love the way in which Stella thinks on her feet! Cute pup!

Paula said...

Nice you two are getting to spend so much time with Stella and she is pretty smart to take to the stroller for a lot of the walk.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That family time is priceless for sure ! How strange some one would loose brand new clothing like that. I love that little puppy. I think Stella is a very lucky little girl. Having lightening bugs and puppies and wonderful folks that love her. What more could any little girl need.