Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Days of our Lives

Lisa over at 'Away from the Office Chair' had a very interesting blog entitled, "If my Story was written".

(Picture stolen from Lisa's Blog, pretty, ain't she?)
I enjoy a few 'original ideas' but most of my thoughts are keyed by others.  In this case, I was thinking, most folk think their life is 'boring' or uninteresting to the general public.  Some of the best stories ever written were about common everyday happenings. Most boys my age remember Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  The stuff written was common to most 'boys', yet the books are classics.

There are times I will be telling one of the grandkids  of something that happened in my life. Sherry will say, "You never told me that!"

After being married nearly 60 years you'd think I have related everything, but in fact there are things that are stored in my  brain(and yours) that some key will unlock. A catalyst that jars open a hidden gem.  But no one can recall every day of their lives, some days are hidden, until you hear the magic word.

What you do or see, even your job, talents or hobby will be exciting to someone. We are all unique, special. I get excited over your blogs. I want to meet everyone who reads the Shipslog and I especially want to meet the bloggers in our lives. We have been fortunate to meet many of you special folk, whose life's book is being written and it excites me.

Many of my brain wrinkles hold stories and incidents I heard on the radio (back when we used to watch radio).

(Hattie McDaniels Beulah in the 40's.)
I am remind of a story told by BIL Dick Lankford. His dad loved the radio program 'Beulah'. When Beulah was on the radio everyone had better be quiet in the house. His favorite lines were:
(Beulah in the 1950's, Amanda Randolph)  Her boy friend laughing says, "Honey, I knows you like a book!"
Smiling Beulah answers, "Sweetheart,  I got chapters you ain't never read!"

Those lines from a radio program in the early 1940's have stuck with me.  That statement is very very true in 'These days of our lives'.
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Beulah was right we all have endless chapters in our lives with each each passing day that write themselves.

baili said...

ahh life is strangely and amazingly ful of adventures yes i count each moment a passing adventure which 's thrill and suspense hold us till our last breath and while taking last breath we think about just main highlights of it and say goodbye with a thought oh is it really just that for which we fought each moment and wasted more then half of our precious life time

betty said...

What amazes me too is remembering something from long ago that I had forgotten for so many years, but then suddenly it is in my mind. Something must have triggered the memory, but never know what it could be.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree ! Every day is a new page in the chapters of our books. Everyone has a unique story to tell and it's important that we tell them.

Unknown said...

Very good..some of my chapters have been wiped out maybe a picture will come
up sometime and remind me of the past. I am thankful for a good life few
problems. Most interesting chapters were when in our young days.

Paula said...

Yes Lisa is a cute little lady blogger. I'll have to read it sometime.

Mevely317 said...

True, that! What would we be without our memories ... and those who help unlock the "what lies beneath" moments.
Lisa certainly has a way with words!

PS - I agree with you about meeting up with my blogger friends. Everybody had better stay in place 'til I make that happen! :)

Rick Watson said...

Everybody has a story. Many people think "their" stories are uninteresting, but that's usually not true.
I hear them every day.
By the way, your new book came yesterday. I'll start reading it this weekend.

Lisa said...

How did I miss this post? Glad I back tracked to catch up! Thanks for the shout out.
I often think how it would be neat to meet my friend bloggers.

You always have a great story